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Dame Maggie Smith Still a Victim of Stage Fright: “Now it’s just terror”


Dame Maggie Smith is still a victim of stage fright, making her difficult to work with on the big screen. Although this is true, she still does her best and has taken a role of Mary Shepherd in "The Lady in the Van". Read More »

Want to be an Animagi


Dear Professor McGonagall, I have looked through many books and have not found out how to become an Animagus. As you know, I'm a hard working student and I am willing to make the change... please get back as soon as possible. Ella Read More »

Bechdel Testing the Final Showdown

molly and minerva

How does the final "Harry Potter" movie measure up in regards to female representation? Read More »

Heiress missing their Hogwarts letter


Dear Professor McGonagall, I've been waiting four years for my letter to arrive. Now I'm 14 years old. I want to see Hogwarts as soon as possible. I know I am not totally a witch but I feel the magic everytime I read the books and watch the movie. I saw how Harry, Ron and Hermione lived at Hogwarts and it was amazing. I hope I'll experience it, too. I await my letter and would willingly go to Hogwarts anytime. Truly Yours, Heiress of Gryffindor Read More »

Slytherpuffs, and Gryffinclaws, and Huffledors, Oh My!


What do you mean I can be BOTH?! Read More »

Messrs. and Mses. Howly, Digger, Sly, Babbitty, and Spike: Animagus Forms of the New Generation


Which animal would best represent our favorite characters as Animagi? Here's one perspective! Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Candor


In the "Potter" and "Divergent" series, characters are split into different Houses and factions. "Potter" characters rarely get a say in the matter of where they belong, but what if they did? Which characters would choose the blunt honesty of Candor? Read More »

The Seven Most Common Characters in Fiction: “Harry Potter” Edition

Feather Quill on open Journal

An explanation of the most common fictional characters using "Harry Potter." Read More »

Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones

Title GoT

Valar Morghulis? Well, Expecto Patronum. Read More »

Reminiscing with Professor McGonagall before Graduation


Dear Professor McGonagall, Well I really wanted to know how you like being the head mistress,of Hogwarts. Do you miss teaching transfiguration at all? I really wish this wasn't my last year at Hogwarts but all great things must come to an end, right? Its really hard to believe that I'm already 17 it's mad really... Read More »

Lost Acceptance Letter


Professor, when am I supposed to get my letter because I turned 11 a couple of months ago is the quill destroyed or what because I really want to go to Hogwarts? Read More »

Cat Vision


Dear Professor McGonagall, Can cats see through invisibility cloaks? Read More »

A Furious Witch


Professor McGonagall, As you are now the Headmistress of Hogwarts, I have a very Important question to ask you. Why haven't I received my Hogwarts letter yet? I'm 15 and I still haven't gotten my letter. Read More »

The Biggest Fan Ever


Dear Professor, I think you are an amazing teacher. I wish with all my heart i could go to Hogwarts. I am sure i would love transfiguration. I am a huge harry potter fan. I think you are one of the best teachers at Hogwarts. Please tell Hermione Granger i said hello. She is one of my favorite people ever. Please send a letter back if you are not too busy. Read More »

Impatient Broomstick


Dear Professor Minerva McGonagall, I know the Hogwarts acceptance letter says first-years are not allowed to bring their own broomsticks, but I have recently bought a new one and would like to learn to fly on it properly. May I bring it just in case I become as brilliant a flier as Harry Potter? Please!? Read More »

Transfiguration Books


Dear Professor McGonagall, Transfguration is my absolute FAVORITE subject. It's fascinating. It's strange though-I'm able to do more things with this branch of magic than all my friends. Do you have any advice on what other things I can learn? Do you recommend any books? Thanks a million! Read More »

Cat on the Fence


Dear Professor McGonagall, I saw a cat sitting outside my muggle family home the other day, was that you?I was studying my spells, and labeling some new bottles for potions. P.s. my dog got a hold of my acceptance letter while I was out at the store, she tore it up! Is there any way I can get a replacement? I was going to frame it... Read More »

Courageous Gryffindor


Dear Professor McGonagall, I was wondering whether the Sorting Hat can ever be wrong. Like, if a true Gryffindor liked the sound of Hufflepuff, and asked the Sorting Hat to put them in Hufflepuff, and it did, would that particular student fail in certain subjects that Hufflepuff's usually thrive in? Could this or has this ever happened? Read More »

To Hogwarts From India


Dear Professor McGonagall, Is there any chance of a witch in India getting a place in Hogwarts? Read More »

Curious Claw


Dear Professor McGonagall, Does house preference really matter so much that you could have been a Ravenclaw, but chose Gryffindor? Read More »