Help MuggleNet elect the next Minister of Magic!

This year, the United States is having one of its most important Presidential elections. Here on MuggleNet, we want to get in on the action – but take it from a Potter perspective!

Over the next couple of months, running right up to the US election on November 4th, we want YOU to help us elect a new Minister of Magic. We know that Kingsley Shacklebolt currently holds the position, but we want to know what would happen if fans were given the choice.

MuggleNet's team has selected eight candidates, which are divided into two fictional parties: the Wizocrats and the Hogicans. The fans will elect one representative from each party who will face off on election night. Each candidate has their own Twitter which you can follow them on as they campaign throughout the Wizarding World. Thoughts from our own political experts will be available for each and every match up.

More information, the candidates and their bios, as well as the official voting schedule can be seen in our Election Center. Voting will only be open for 24 hours in each poll, so make sure to come back for each round!