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  1. This is such exciting news! However, I think saying the plot is that a child has to struggle with his family legacy is pretty vague. Not much to comment on yet. 😉

    • Felix Scamander says:

      Well, fame can be a burden. Look at Harry, or even Ron, who struggled in the shadows of his brothers, just because they were cool, or got great marks, or made up some great jokes, or won the Quidditch Cup. Having to live up to the reputation of you fantastic father, The Boy Who Lived, youngest Seeker in a century, slayer of a Basilisk, powerful Patronus-caster, Triwizard Chamion and winner, who duelled He Who Must not Be Named is his fully fledged form not once, but thrice. But of an overkill, but I wanted to make my point.

      • Anon says:

        It isn’t just Harry that Albus has to live up to. Ginny is a former celebrated Quidditch player, a celebrity Daily Prophet sports reporter, and very famous in her own right for her part in the battle against Voldemort. The synopsis doesn’t say Albus’ issues are all just about Harry’s legacy, it says a family legacy, which could and surely does also mean his mother. Albus has two famous parents and numerous famous extended family members to live in the shadow of. He has to learn to find a way to deal with that.

  2. MagicandCastles says:

    I’m privileged enough to be a few hours train ride away from London and will be trying for a couple of the cheapest tickets- it’s not like buying a book for £15! But only because I need to see this first hand to have an opinion. I can’t help but be excited for this but I wish that JK would go for stories in the world but leave Harry alone. Of course he has grown up problems but in general (and apart from little glimpses in their lives- ie the Quiddich thing or Pottermore) the end of Harry’s story should stay at ‘all was well’.

  3. gogglespaisano says:

    Albus Severus Potter (ASP) – a very deadly snake ??? – maybe

  4. Felix Scamander says:

    I’m Irish, and so I am planning to get tickets ASAP

  5. andrewilley says:

    “You and Ginny both turn out fine. It’s your kids, Harry, something’s gotta be done about your kids!” – Back to the #19YearsLater