Emma Thompson to Host “Saturday Night Live” for the First Time, Plus New “Late Night” Trailer

Dame Emma Thompson (Sybill Trelawney) is everywhere these days. Late Night, her new film, will be released June 7, but before that, fans of Saturday Night Live will get to see Thompson use her comedic skills as she hosts this week’s episode.

Thompson, who is hosting the show for the first time, will be joined by musical guest the Jonas Brothers (in their second guest appearance) this Saturday, May 11. Check out this promo video of Thompson being shown her dressing room by SNL regular Kate McKinnon, who calls Thompson “the finest actor in the world.”



We’ve also been given a new trailer and poster for Late Night. Thompson’s character, Karen (who was, in fact, created for Thompson), seems to be very harsh and critical, but this new trailer gives more insight into the more vulnerable side of her personality. Thompson and Mindy Kaling (also the film’s writer) seem to be the perfect team.




We’re definitely tuning in to SNL on Saturday, and we are anxiously awaiting the release of Late Night!

Gretchen Roesch

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