“Hedwig’s Theme” As You’ve Never Heard It Before

The most memorable musical theme in the wizarding world has been given a fresh new sound, 18 years after it first reached the ears of Potter fans across the world.

The composer behind “Hedwig’s Theme,” John Williams, has recorded a new arrangement of this iconic theme, featuring world-renowned violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter and the Los Angeles Arts Orchestra. For a piece of music that frequently appears in lists of greatest film themes (often alongside Williams’ other work), this new arrangement is an exciting new take on a fan favorite.

“Hedwig’s Theme” is known for its use of the celeste, a piano-looking percussion instrument that produces a light, bell-like sound similar to that of a music box. In this new arrangement, Williams has composed a fuller orchestral sound, and through collaboration with Mutter showcases the versatility of the violin. Watch the video in the tweet below for a sneak peek at this incredible new sound.



Speaking to uDiscover Music, Williams showed his appreciation for Mutter’s talent and collaborative process behind this new arrangement.

For me, recording at Sony Studios in Los Angeles is very much home territory. Having Anne-Sophie join us here has been an honor for us, and has produced a very joyous collaboration. She is truly one of our greatest artists, and her brilliant career has long established her as a distinguished and highly contributive citizen of the world.

Just earlier this year, Mutter was the recipient of the Polar Music Prize, an award that is considered to be “the music world’s equivalent of the Nobel prize.” Mutter’s involvement in this new arrangement alongside the Los Angeles Arts Orchestra is sure to please fans of both classical music and Harry Potter.

On her involvement in this project, Mutter spoke about the recognizable nature of “Hedwig’s Theme” and Williams’ other film scores.

That’s the wonderful thing about John’s music – it exists even without the film.

We couldn’t agree more! Check out the new arrangement of “Hedwig’s Theme” below.


Lucy O'Shea

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