Evanna Lynch Set to Grace the Stage in a Shakespeare Classic

No matter where our beloved actors from the Harry Potter films go, we always like to know what they’re up to and where we can watch them do their thing next. From Daniel Radcliffe starring in upcoming film Escape from Pretoria to Emma Watson’s role in Little Women, we love to see our favorite Potter alumni grace our screens. We also enjoy watching them on stage. In fact, that’s probably as good as it gets. If you love to see your favorite actors live on stage, you are in for a treat, because Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) is about to take to the stage in a life-changing play.

As some might know, an all-female adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is set to run at the Watermill Theatre in Berkshire in the United Kingdom. The full casting for the show has been announced, and guess who will be playing Ophelia. Our very own Evanna Lynch. Emma McDonald (The Sweet Science of Bruising) will be starring alongside Lynch as Hamlet.

We’re pretty sure that this is going to be a show worth seeing. Abigail Pickard Price, the Watermill Theatre’s artistic director, has a very clear vision for the upcoming production.

By presenting Hamlet as a woman, we will tell Shakespeare’s timeless tragedy through the female gaze, fusing music and text in a manner unique to [t]he Watermill Ensemble. Our Hamlet is a woman lost in a man’s world steeped in history and tradition, desperate to break the mould and fight the notion that frailty is personified by womanhood.

It seems like a story a lot of us will be able to identify with. Director Paul Hart also expressed his excitement, saying that this show is unlike anything the theatre has ever done before.

It’s a bold new departure for the company, and our aim is to create a production of Hamlet unlike anything seen here at [t]he Watermill. Collaboration is at the heart of [t]he Watermill Ensemble’s process, and I’m constantly astonished at the invention of the work. We’re incredibly excited about our greatest challenge to date!

What makes the Watermill Theatre truly special is its intimate setting. With only 200 seats, the audience and actors really get to experience that magical connection that makes theater so unique.

Hamlet was set to run from April 17 to May 23, but earlier this week, the Watermill Theatre announced that it will also be closing its doors due to the coronavirus. Whether it will open again in time for Hamlet is unclear, but we are pretty confident that performances will be rescheduled for a later time should the theater remain closed during those months.

Even though the theater is closed right now, there is a bright side to this – we all have enough time to save up some Galleons to go watch Hamlet when it finally starts playing. Are you looking forward to seeing Lynch portray the role of Ophelia? Tell us in the comments.

Marica Laing

Growing up, I was a massive fan of Harry Potter and my love for the stories grew as I got older. It’s no surprise then that I love writing about all things Potter related. When I’m not writing about all the magic, you’ll find me reading (probably something Harry Potter related), listening to music, or writing some songs.