MinaLima Reveals Concept Art for an Immersive Holiday Experience

With holiday magic in the air, MinaLima, the creative masterminds behind the graphic universe of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts films are adding to the excitement with an all-new, immersive holiday experience.

This new interactive experience is inspired by the MinaLima Classics, a collection of children’s fairy tales reimagined by MinaLima and illustrated as deluxe and interactive editions. This amazing holiday display will feature a giant animated tree (we’re talking bigger than the Whomping Willow) and will be encircled by a winter wonderland scenescape of storybook pages. Each one will showcase the talents of and dazzling designs by MinaLima. These immersive experiences will be making their way to shopping malls and public destinations worldwide soon.


MinaLima Holiday Master art

Concept art for MinaLima’s new holiday experience showcases scenes from their MinaLima Classics collection.


This new experience definitely looks like something out of a storybook. As each visitor enters the experience, characters will come to life, spreading holiday cheer. The giant color-changing custom-decorated tree will be emerging from a gift box that visitors can walk into. A treasure hunt kicks off the adventure and allows everyone in your group to find ornaments from their favorite fairy tales nestled in the branches and needles of the tree. Visitors will then enter their favorite stories through giant pages featuring excerpts and illustrations exclusively by MinaLima. Eddie Newquist of MinaLima Los Angeles loves the magic this will bring to children and adults alike.

Every child or adult who fell in love with these classic stories will delight in playing in this all-new magical snow[-]filled environment.

If you’re anything like us, we can’t wait to see which fairy tales will come to life in this experience. MinaLima has given us an idea of some of the magical adventures that will welcome everyone, including a winter ball scene with characters from “Beauty and the Beast,” a holiday swim along with Ariel and friends from “The Little Mermaid,” a chance to join Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in a pirate-themed snowball fight against Captain Hook, and so many more! Of course, what holiday experience would be complete without a trip to see the big man himself, Santa Claus, and his sleigh? MinaLima has given his sleigh a magical custom design.

This fantastic experience promises something for people of all ages. The initial design phase is complete, and production planning is underway to make this experience available in November 2021! Visit MinaLima’s official site to view the Classics artwork and get yourself hyped. How excited are you to see these amazing tales brought to life in an immersive walk-through? Let us know, and let’s start planning to visit in 2021.

Press Release

An immersive experience inspired by the MinaLima Classics books.

Shopping malls and public destinations worldwide can soon offer guests the magic and enchantment of the world's most famous classic fairytales [sic] with an all-new MinaLima Holiday Experience.

This interactive immersive experience is inspired by the MinaLima Classics – a collection of children’s fairy[-]tale books reimagined by MinaLima as deluxe illustrated and interactive editions. The holiday display will feature a larger-than-life animated tree encircled by a winter wonderland of storybook pages, each showcasing dazzling interactive works of art from MinaLima, the masterminds of the graphic universe of all the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films. The award-winning creative studio has offices in London and Los Angeles.

"We are committed to bringing developers and mall owners the very best interactive experiences”, said Robin Stapley, Partner and Creative Executive at MinaLima Los Angeles.

"Every child or adult who fell in love with these classic stories will delight in playing in this all-new magical snow[-]filled environment", said Eddie Newquist, Stapley's partner at MinaLima Los Angeles.

As visitors enter the experience stories, characters will come to life, immersing them in a dazzling display of holiday spirit. The centrepiece of the experience is a giant colour-changing custom-decorated tree emerging from an oversized gift box that guests can walk into. A family treasure hunt starts the adventure and allows everyone to find ornaments from their favourite fairytales [sic] nestled in the needles. Guests then enter their favourite stories through giant “pages” featuring excerpts and illustrations designed exclusively by MinaLima.

Guests will enjoy the following activities:

- Join a winter ball with beloved characters such as Belle and the Beast from ["]Beauty and the Beast["] - Engage in a holiday swim-along with Ariel and her friends from ["]The Little Mermaid["] - Tumble down the rabbit hole into a winter wonderland with Alice and the Mad Hatter
- Join Peter Pan and the Lost Boys in a pirate[-]themed snowball battle against Captain Hook
- Help Pinocchio hang an ornament using only his nose
- Swing to the sound of "Jungle Bells" with Mowgli and his friends from The Jungle Book
- Meet and greet Santa Claus in a life-size MinaLima custom[-]designed sleigh

Eddie Newquist explains, “This all-new immersive experience promises something for everyone and is sure to generate excitement and store traffic during the 2021 holiday season. MinaLima's initial design phase is now complete, and production planning has begun to make the holiday program available for installation worldwide beginning November 2021”.


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