“Harry Potter” and How to Survive Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day can be a great day of celebration…or one of the scariest days of the year. And we’re not just talking about the FOMO felt by those who are single; it can also put unnecessary pressure on couples who want to make this day just right. So how to survive Valentine’s Day? These Harry Potter characters are finding a way.


1. Ron and Hermione

Ron and Hermione have plans…to not have plans. They don’t want to use Valentine’s Day as part of their relationship. They have so many other milestones that they’d rather celebrate – the first day they met, their first date, their anniversary… They don’t need the commercial pressure of Valentine’s Day as well. So Hermione has told Ron that he is not to make any fuss, and if she sees so much as a hint of red roses, he’s going to end up on donation collection duty for SPEW again.


Ron gazing at Hermione


2. Romilda Vane

Romilda Vane is perfectly content to be single and proud most times of the year, but Valentine’s Day has gotten under her skin. So she’s date hunting. She wants that quintessential Valentine’s date at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop even if all her friends tell her it’s really not as great as it sounds. Romilda knows what she wants, and she’s going to get it; look out for her advertisements around the Gryffindor common room. Wanted: One date for Valentine’s Day – must be over 5 foot 11, have dark hair, and play Quidditch. Hungarian Horntail tattoos are okay.



3. Ginny and Luna

Instead of focusing on Valentine’s Day, Ginny and Luna are excited to celebrate Galentine’s Day. To celebrate their close friendship, they’ve got a fun day planned: a morning flight together followed by a visit to the Thestrals and a picnic by the Great Lake. Plus, Luna has organized the Gryffindor breakfast table to be filled with all of Ginny’s favorite foods that morning, complete with a lion-topped pancake stack. Such a thoughtful surprise is bound to be the icing on the cake for a day dedicated to celebrating your besties.



4. Snape

Valentine’s Day is not Snape’s favorite day of the year, and he’ll be avoiding it at all costs. Luckily, he’ll be able to stay away from any heart-shaped cards and boxes of chocolate by staying in his office and being productive. It was time to reorganize the potions cupboard anyway.


Caption Contest, Week of July 16, 2007


5. Remus and Tonks

They may not be an avid Valentine’s Day couple, but Remus and Tonks do have plans for Valentine’s Day together. Mostly, they see it as a good excuse to spend time together and eat chocolate. They’re also going over to Grimmauld Place later to have dinner with Sirius – a fun, relaxing day and a good excuse to take a break from normal routines and celebrate each other.


Tonks and Lupin portrait


6. Sirius

Valentine’s Day at Grimmauld Place has Sirius going a little stir-crazy. Luckily, Sirius has decided to make the most of his confinement and play a prank for old time’s sake. Guess who the lucky victims are? Yup, Remus and Tonks are going to have a bit of a surprise. I won’t give away too much here, but it involves a locked drawing room, lots of pink crepe paper roses, and a stuffed deer head that sings chipmunk versions of all Celestina Warbeck’s greatest hits.


Featured Image: Illustration of Sirius Black staring out a window


7. Dumbledore

Dumbledore doesn’t buy into Valentine’s Day much but prefers to think of it as a bit of harmless fun. To mark the occasion, he’s bought some fancy magenta robes – nothing like Gilderoy Lockhart’s lurid pink ones of course. These are sophisticated and quite regal. He also bought himself matching socks. And a pair for McGonagall.



Valentine’s Day is one of those calendar dates that brings out something different in all of us. Whether you use it to celebrate those closest to you or shun the entire idea of it, it’s all equally valid. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the conventional date with chocolate and roses. It’s simply an excuse to celebrate with somebody special – and if you don’t like that idea, there are always other ways of making the day your own and fun for yourself. Sirius certainly did.


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