Second Part of Evanna Lynch’s “Normal Not Normal” Interview Released

There was so much to cover in Evanna Lynch’s (Luna Lovegood) interview with James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley, respectively) on their podcast Normal Not Normal that it had to be split up into two parts! In the first part of the interview, Lynch spoke about the audition process for the role of Luna and what it was like for her to go from being a Harry Potter fan – and MuggleNet user – to being a cast member in the film series.

The second part of the interview, now available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, picks up where the first part left off. Its description notes that the episode is a personal look at some of the downsides of fame and includes a reminder that resources such as Samaritans and Mind (both based in the United Kingdom) are available.

In this episode things, get personal. We get honest about going to therapy, having our identities stolen online and how the Potter films changed our lives.

On a lighter note, we also talk about Evanna’s time on the USA’s Dancing with the Stars, our favourite Potter moments and our dream circus skills.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, please know you’re not alone. We hear you. Take a look at the Samaritans or Mind websites and reach out to family and friends. Help is out there.

As a note, some of the topics featured in the second half of the interview are heavy, though Lynch also heaped praise on her experience on Season 27 of the popular televised competition Dancing with the Stars.

Oh, it was the best! Oh my God, if you get asked, do it! Please, do it! It’s so much fun. It’s one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever done. It’s a lot. It’s a lot of work.

Lynch also mentioned that the offer to do Dancing with the Stars came about because she had been asked to appear on the Irish version of the show, though her agent turned it down and insisted that she go for the American series. Still, Lynch admitted that she had reservations about appearing on either version of Dancing with the Stars because of the “snobbery” around actors who appear on reality television, and she didn’t want that to affect her acting career in a negative way.

Even though dancing before a television audience of millions frightened her, Lynch said that she found that she enjoyed the feeling of it once she was actually dancing. She also kept pressing both Phelps twins to appear on the show, reiterating how much fun it was for her.

No, but if you both went on, that would be so funny, because you’d be competing against each other!

Could we see another Harry Potter actor (or two) on Dancing with the Stars? If it happens, we know who was behind it!

Lynch also spoke about how her relationship to the online presence of the fandom has changed, noting that she isn’t as active on MuggleNet as she once was.

Yeah, definitely. I don’t stalk everyone on MuggleNet anymore. No. I stopped that.

On a slightly more serious note, Lynch did elaborate that she stopped engaging as much at around the time of “the sixth and seventh movies.”

I remember I felt sad after the fifth movie because I went back, and I didn’t keep in touch with anyone. And I was like, ‘This is sad, because I really like them all, and I want to be friends with them.’ So I made a concerted effort to dial down my crazy fan stuff.

For the full interview with Evanna Lynch, you can listen to Normal Not Normal on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. To catch up on the first half of Evanna Lynch’s appearance on Normal Not Normal, you can also check it out on YouTube.



What did you think of the interview? Do you hope that we could see more Harry Potter cast members on Dancing with the Stars? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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