Send a Howler: Rupert Grint Hasn’t Seen Any “Potter” Movies Past “Prisoner of Azkaban”

It’s time to prepare your Howlers, Potter fans. In a recent interview with Variety, Rupert Grint confessed that he hasn’t seen any Potter movie past Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. He says that he may have seen up to Prisoner of Azkaban at each movie’s respective premieres and never continued:

I’ve probably seen the first three at the premieres, but after that, I stopped watching them.

As egregious as it may be, this is not Rupert’s first admission of guilt. In past interviews, he’s admitted to not having seen many of the Potter films, pointing to his presence in the films as a deterrent. As far as back as 2017, Rupert expressed that he can’t watch anything he’s starred in:

I think being in things ruins them for me. I can’t enjoy Harry Potter any more [sic], not as a fan – it’s just not the same!

A few years later, he would further elaborate on the discomfort he feels, explaining that the films awkwardly document his growth from a child to a teenager:

It’s just something I’ve never really wanted to [watch]. Not that it’s kind of cringey or anything, but I mean … it was us growing up. It kind of documents our [lives]. … And the most awkward stages of being a teenager, and so it’s a weird thing. It’s a weird perspective watching them.

For most people, it’s difficult rewatching home movies of themselves as children, but in his case, those awkward home movies have been seen by millions. However, it seems that’s changed since becoming a father. He revealed that now that he has a daughter, he “will probably have to watch them with her.” Put those Howlers away and admire that beautiful sentiment.



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Regarding Potter and the rumors surrounding a Wizarding World HBO Max series, Rupert doesn’t expect he’d be asked to return, and because of that, he prefers something different from the core series, mostly because he would feel strange watching someone else play Ron, feeling protective of the character. As an example, he cited his mild discomfort watching Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Instead, he suggested that the series could center on another group of friends at Hogwarts. Rupert provides an intriguing suggestion for someone who’s intimate with the Potter films in a way that is limited to a select number of people. As fans, we have a different idea of what a potential HBO Max series should be about.

Moving away from Potter, Rupert currently costars in the Apple TV+ series Servant. The psychological horror series follows a couple whose infant son tragically passed away and has taken to caring for a doll as a replacement. Rupert plays Julian Pearce, the grieving mother’s (Lauren Ambrose) brother. Similar to his feelings on rewatching the Potter series, Wednesday has changed his perspective on Servant now that he understands a couple’s love for a child.

Rupert expressed his admiration for Servant executive producer/director M. Night Shyamalan managing to capture scenes in “one or two shots,” explaining his minimalist directing style. When asked about possibly directing one day, he expressed reluctance, citing his indecisiveness as a hurdle. Expressing an interest in creating, he eventually settled on producing:

I’m not very good at making decisions. Even ordering take-out, it really stresses me out. I’ve thought about it. I like the idea of creating, but I don’t know. Probably more producing.

Servant is currently airing its second season on Apple TV+ and has already been renewed for its third season.

How do you feel about Rupert’s inability to watch himself in the Potter films? Would you like to see a movie that Rupert directed or produced? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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