Qeurovision 2021 Dates and Participants Announced

In January, it was suggested that Germany should organize the next Qeurovision, since the country was last year’s winner of the quidditch-inspired song contest. Germany accepted the challenge and decided to organize Qeurovision 2021.

Qeurovision has already shared the schedule for the song contest and the details for the final show. The songs will be presented on May 29, but participating national governing bodies (NGBs) have until May 21 to complete the preselection process and submit their selections.


A timeline for Qeurovision 2021 is shown with the dates given in pink. Under the timeline, the rules for submissions are given. The logo for Qeurovision 2021 is also displayed beneath the content.


The rules for the songs have changed a little bit. Last year, a song had to be sent in both video and audio format, had to be Muggle quidditch-related, and could be a parody or an original work. This year, it is similar, but only the video has to be submitted, and it doesn’t have to be quidditch-related if it is an original work by someone from the quidditch community. The reason for this was explained in a comment under the post:

We know there are plenty of musically talented people in the community, and we’d like to give them a spot to bring their talents to the fullest and really give them a place to shine!

NGBs who wanted to participate had until April 10 to confirm the invitation. That day, Qeurovision shared that only six NGBs had confirmed their participation:

  • Asociación Quidditch España
  • Česká Asociace Framfrpálu
  • Deutscher Quidditchbund
  • Polska Liga Quidditcha
  • Quidditch Nederland
  • Schweizerischer Quidditchverband

Along with this news, the post was shared in the Quidditch Europe and “Quidditch: ALL The Regions!!” Facebook groups to notify all the NGBs that they could sign up until midnight CET. Barbara Merian, who shared the post, also mentioned that there might have been some miscommunications.

If you have not received an invitation e-mail [sic], the fault is all mine; please contact us on FB directly – except in the case of Quidditch Australia; here I blame the gods of technology…

On Monday, Qeurovision posted that a few other NGBs have joined Qeurovision after all. From those who participated last year, Associazione Italiana Quidditch, the Belgian Quidditch Federation, Quidditch Australia, Quidditch Canada, and Quidditch zveza Slovenije will be participating again. The newcomers are Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya, Fédération du Quidditch Français, and Quidditch Austria. Unfortunately, Dansk Quidditchforbund, Japan Quidditch Association, Quidditch México, and US Quidditch won’t join the contest this year. That means that there are 14 participants this year, which is one less than last year.


An image shows the silhouettes of concert attendees with fireworks in the background of the image. The text, in all capital letters reads, “Welcome to the party,” followed by the list of participating national governing bodies. In order, they are: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Catalonia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.


Who do you hope will win?


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Veronika Kohoutová

I played Muggle Quidditch for the Prague Pegasus and on our national team in the European Games 2019.