All Eight “Harry Potter” Films are Headed Back to HBO Max in June

It’s time to celebrate the beginning of summer with some of our favorite witches and wizards. All eight Harry Potter films are headed back to HBO Max in June after leaving the streaming service last August. HBO made the official announcement with the post about everything coming to HBO Max next month.



It has been confirmed that the Harry Potter films will only be available on the streaming service for the month of June. Collider reports that this curious decision is independently confirmed, with some thoughts as to why. Rumors are that HBO Max has been in conversations with writers to potentially create a live-action series of Harry Potter. Could this be because the priorities surrounding the franchise could involve new stories to be gleaned from the wizarding world? Perhaps this is why there are no long-term streaming rights ongoing for the films currently.

We shared our thoughts and concerns on this potential live-action creation with our must-haves list earlier this year after the rumors began circulating across the Internet. For now, Harry Potter fans can celebrate the beginning of the summer months with a binge-a-thon of all eight movies and dream about our ideal remake. How many times do you think you could rewatch all eight movies in 30 days?


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Brittany Bennett

A proud Hufflepuff and nerd beyond measure, Harry Potter has always been the series I call home.