Hit a Home Run on Hogwarts Field with “MLB The Show 21”

The merger of baseball and Quidditch is a bit of an odd combination. But what you might not know is that it’s already been done thanks to a very tenacious gamer. MLB The Show 21 gave its creative players a new component to explore within the game. The Stadium Creator feature allows fans to design their own baseball fields however they see fit. One player took the opportunity to upgrade the traditional baseball diamond into a magical scene.

DrunkAtThePUBG, an Xbox user and MLB The Show 21 player, uploaded their dual-sport design via Stadium Creator. Three Quidditch hoops sit at the back of the field so baseball fans still have the entire field to play on. But if one were to aim their baseballs at the hoops, it’s likely one would make a home run because of their positions. Farther in the background sits a castle and other Harry Potter-themed buildings. While they don’t perfectly resemble Hogwarts, it is safe to assume the design was inspired by the school’s likeness. Smaller buildings, flags, and lovely greenery surround the baseball diamond, giving the environment some wonderful finishing touches. The design is titled Hogwarts Field.


Xbox user creates Quidditch pitch using MLB The Show 21's Stadium Creator feature.


Others are able to use the Quidditch-themed background if they so choose. A search option allows players to find creations using the designer’s game tag. Would you play on Hogwarts Field? Let us know what you think about the design!


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