Potter DIY: Patronus Light Jar

Are you having some down days? Need your own personal Patronus to remind you to find the light in the darkness? Then check out this DIY to make your own Patronus light jar!


What You’ll Need:



Step 1: Print and cut out your Patronus silhouette. If you are not sure what your Patronus is, you can take the Patronus Quiz on the Wizarding World website. My Patronus is a Manx cat based on the quiz, so I printed out a Manx cat silhouette. Be sure to consider the size of the jar or bowl you are using so your silhouette fits nicely.


This is a cutout for a patronus light jar.


Step 2: Place glue on the black side of the silhouette and glue it on the inside of the jar. If you are using a mason jar, be sure not to glue it where the brand stamp is, as the glass will not be smooth. I recycled an old fishbowl. Use the end of the pencil to smooth the silhouette and press it into place if needed. Allow the glue to dry completely.


This is a cutout for a patronus light jar.


Step 3: Paint the inside of your mason jar or fishbowl using the sponge. I cut a new dish sponge in half to use for this project, but you can also use a sponge stick or paint sponge. I placed a small amount of paint on a piece of paper, covered the tip of my sponge in paint, and then used my hand to move the sponge around the inside of my fishbowl. Your paint layer should be really fine or else the light won’t shine through. Allow the paint to dry completely.


This is a cutout for a patronus light jar.


Step 4: After the paint is dry, you can put your tea light or strand of lights in and have a magical Patronus to protect you from the darkness.


This is a cutout for a patronus light jar.



We’d love to see your Patronuses! Tag us on social media with pictures of your finished product. 


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