Transfiguring Adoption Releasing Children’s Novel, “Gruhit’s Hope”

Transfiguring Adoption has been working for years to improve the lives of foster and adoptive families with inspiration from the Wizarding World fandom. Last year, we told you about the organization’s book A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home: A Playful Journey for Fun-Loving Families. Now, Transfiguring Adoption is preparing to release a children’s novel, Gruhit’s Hope: A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home, authored by Transfiguring Adoption President Darren Fink.


The artwork for "Gruhit's Hope" by Darren Fink is shown. The cover art, by Alexandra Brodt, features a young boy with dark skin, eyes, and hair against a blue background. In the foreground in front of him is a sketchbook.

The artwork for “Gruhit’s Hope” by Darren Fink is shown. The cover art is by Alexandra Brodt.


Gruhit Brown’s life is a whirlwind of events. He and his two older siblings don’t currently live with their mom and have just moved into their eighth foster home. As if there wasn’t enough on his plate with getting used to the routine in his new foster parents’ big blue house, Gruhit also has to navigate a new school complete with a class bully and other children who don’t have the same color of skin as him. Will he ever really feel safe and comfortable in this new town? Why does the abandoned factory across the street freak him out? Why do his foster parents act so strange at times? Are their bedtime stories about magical creatures true? Why does the family cat look at him so oddly? Nevermind [sic] that… Did he hear the cat talk?!

Fink sent us a prerelease copy of Gruhit’s Hope to review, and children who have exposure to the Wizarding World franchise or similar fantasy stories are sure to enjoy the plot. The book’s tone is firmly suited for children, whether it is for an older child reading on their own or a younger child being read to, though some of the themes are likely to bring up discussion between children and the adults in their lives. (For instance, Gruhit and his siblings learn coping mechanisms to deal with trauma and face issues such as parentification.) The story also features nods to the foster care system throughout, making it an ideal read for families with experience with foster care and adoption. This is integrated into the plot itself, and the events in the story provide plenty of opportunities for children and adults to discuss concepts such as diversity and empathy.

In all, Gruhit’s Hope is a fun, touching tale about the importance of family of all kinds. The chapters often switch between narrators, providing readers with a clearer picture of the world in which Gruhit lives and the interesting characters (including a few magical creatures) that inhabit it. As Gruhit’s journey continues, he also learns about the importance of having hope – and who among us couldn’t use a little more of that every now and then?

Gruhit’s Hope: A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home will be released on October 19. Prerelease copies remain available for purchase online. For more on the A Guide to Magical Creatures Around Your Home books, you can visit Transfiguring Adoption.


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