Harry Potter Fan Club Gold Membership Officially Ending October 27

Harry Potter Fan Club Gold Membership subscribers will have been in for a bit of a disappointment after the announcement from the club that the Gold Membership level is ending as of October 27. But the big question going around is, “why?”

There has been no specific explanation as to why the subscription is coming to an end. According to the Harry Potter Fan Club website, “From 27th October 2021, Harry Potter Fan Club Gold Membership will no longer be available to purchase or renew.” Those who currently hold a Gold Membership with an expiration date after October 27 will be given an extension. It was clarified that this extension is not a renewal, but that it simply gives current members a little extra time with their exclusive membership services.

We understand you may be disappointed at the news of Gold coming to an end. As such, we’d like to offer you a complimentary free extension of membership benefits until 27th October 2022. This is not a renewal of your membership, but an extension of your current subscription period. You don’t have to do anything – you can continue to enjoy your Gold benefits until 27th October 2022 free of charge.

No secondary announcement was made about any plans to replace the Gold Membership once it has dwindled out. However, the Harry Potter Fan Club hinted that there may be something in the works, saying, “We don’t have anything new to share at this time, but we are constantly working away at creating magical new products and experiences to provide fans with new and exciting benefits, so stay tuned.” One can only hope that there is something just as exciting, if not more so, that will be coming down the pipeline to soften the blow of the exclusive membership level making an exit.

Accounts that receive a free extension of Gold Membership will be able to use the current benefits until October 27, 2022, but all accounts after that date will automatically be converted to the free Harry Potter Fan Club membership. Talk about the golden carriage turning back into a pumpkin.

Other questions can be answered on the “About” page of the Gold Membership on the Harry Potter Fan Club website.


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