Harry Potter Fan Club Announces Harry Potter Essentials Pin Set

If you’re a proud Pin Seeker, you’re probably already familiar with the magical pins released by the Harry Potter Fan Club via Wizarding World Digital. The latest set of pins to be released is the Harry Potter Essentials pin set, a limited-edition set of 750 described by Wizarding World Digital as “a must-have for any fan of the Boy Who Lived.”

Each enamel pin represents an iconic item (or owl, in Hedwig’s case) owned by Harry Potter. Going clockwise around the display box, the pins are a Golden Snitch, Hedwig atop a stack of books, Harry’s wand, the quote “Yer a wizard Harry [sic]” on a blue background with Hagrid’s umbrella, a Nimbus 2000 broomstick, and Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. The box itself is red and hexagonal.

Plus, the Harry Potter Fan Club notes that fans should look for a special key.

Look out for an Enchanted Key inside the box and scan it using the free Harry Potter Fan Club app to unlock hidden surprises and extra details about the pins.

Take a look at the pins below!



The Harry Potter Essentials set is available for purchase as of today, October 6, for Gold Members. It will be released to the general public on October 7, and its retail price is £55 (about $75).

What do you think of this Harry Potter Essentials set? Will you be adding it to your collection?


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