Merch Madness: Savvy Souvenirs, Fashionable Collectibles, and Creative Cosplays

Whatever your needs, there’s a piece of merchandise that’s right for you! Need a holiday gift? Grab a nifty pin for your loved one’s pin collection. Have a need for a creative cosplay? We’ve got you covered. 

Universal Orlando Resort

Dark Mark Pins

Show a little bit of your dark side with some Dark Mark pins. The first features a 3D skull and snake that's all silver. The second is a flat version with a green border. They are available from Universal Orlando Resort for $9 and $11, respectively. 


Two new pins are available for purchase from Universal Orlando Resort stores.


House Keychains

Keychains are the best way to spice up your key ring while also showing House pride. Each of the four animals can emerge from a dog tag–style plate in the color of your House. All four House keychain accessories can be found at Universal Orlando Resort for $16 apiece. 


Each House keychain has its animal emerging from their tags.


Diagon Alley Writing Collection

Unleash your writing creativity with Diagon Alley–themed notebooks, pens, and pencil pouches – everything you need to pen the great American novel. The notebook ($18), pen set ($24), and pencil pouches (starting at $15) can be found at Universal Orlando Resort stores. 


The Diagon Alley writing set is now on sale at Universal Orlando Resort.


Toys and Collectibles

Gryffindor Crest Collectible Coin

New Zealand Mint never fails to live up to every collector's expectations. The 1-oz. silver piece features a gold lion in the foreground of the Gryffindor House crest. The coin is on sale from New Zealand Mint for $99. 


The silver coin featuring the Gryffindor crest is now on sale from New Zealand Mint.


Chibi Bookmark

As you move through your annual reading of Harry Potter, you'll need a way to mark your place. This bookmark features a mini chibi Harry Potter as he soars on his broomstick. Avid readers can find the bookmark online for $8.52. 

Buy on Amazon


Harry flying on his broom as a a bookmark.


Build-A-Bear Stuffed Animals

Enjoy the company of a very fluffy plush Hedwig or Buckbeak from Build-A-Bear Workshop. House bears are also available for purchase. Dress your creatures to impress, with scarves, hats, Quidditch apparel, Hogwarts uniforms, and so much more. The Hedwig ($32), Buckbeak ($40), and House bears ($32) can all be purchased online from Build-A-Bear. Clothes and accessories come separately.


Buckbeak and Hedwig as stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear.


Anniversary Funko Pop! Dumbledore Figurine

Funko Pop!s are the capstone item of any collection. And this new Funko Pop! Town is a special celebration of the films' 20th anniversary, featuring Dumbledore and Hogwarts Castle. The two-piece set is currently out of stock on Funko's website but can be preordered from Amazon.

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Anniversary Funko Pop! featuring Dumbledore and the Hogwarts Castle.


Cosplay Patterns

Any cosplayer knows the importance of getting every detail right. The Simplicity 8723 Harry Potter cosplay template gives you everything you need to be a Hogwarts student worthy of a prefect badge. The template comes with patterns for kids, teens, and adults. You can buy the home sewing pattern kit for $5.95 online. 

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Cosplay pattern by Simplicity.


Christmas Sweaters

Anyone who is an avid Potter fan will know that with the holidays fast approaching, the best way to celebrate is with their very own knitted sweater! Make like Mrs. Weasley and wear some festive clothing worthy of the holiday. Pick from a myriad of patterns, including Hogwarts Castle, each of the four Houses, and the monogrammed "H" and "R" sweaters like those Harry and Ron wear. Each one is available for men and women online for $56.99 from Merchoid


Knit pattern sweater by Merchoid.


Kitchen Accessories

Le Creuset Harry Potter Cookware Line

There really is making in cooking and baking. While you're brewing a fantastic feast for a night at home or a holiday bash, Le Creuset has got your back. The new Harry Potter–themed lineup is now on sale. Two new dutch ovens, in bright blue and red, are perfect for every baking challenge. The Lord Voldemort casserole dish is also sure to have your guests in a Dark Arts tizzy. These cooking accessories and more are available from the Le Creuset website


Bright red dish featuring Harry's lightning scar as a handle.

That’s all the fun and exciting merch we have (for now). Check back for more Harry Potter memorabilia in the next Merch Madness.

Press Release

Merchoid are making Christmas 2021 as magical as can be

Merchoid are bringing back some of our Harry Potter classics to make your festive season just
that little bit more magical! We can all agree that Christmas 2021 deserves to be as magical as possible, and there’s no better way to do that than to bring a little bit of Hogwarts magic to the muggle world!

Once again the Merchoid elves, under the watchful eye of Mrs Weasley, have been hard at
work bringing back your most loved designs of festive seasons gone by to ensure every
aspiring wizard and witch in your household can get a little bit closer to the magic this festive season. With each house gloriously represented, our Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff designs are mandatory uniform at Hogwarts during this time of year, along with the returning Mrs Weasley classics that are bestowed on every Weasley child (and adopted best
friend) Merchoid are on hand to allow a little magic into your home this holiday season!
Now if only we had some of that Hogwarts magic when it came to cleaning up after Christmas

The full Harry Potter Christmas Sweater range can be found here :

● Officially licensed Harry Potter merchandise
● Available at
● Link to range:


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