Beating Imposter Syndrome: An Exclusive Master Class by Professor Gilderoy Lockhart

We’re sure you’ve already got a long list of New Year’s resolutions and are pumped up to pull a full 180 on your life in 2022. But as you go about ticking items off your list and growing into your best self, you’re bound to bump up against those icky thoughts of feeling unworthy of some of your achievements, no matter how hard you’ve worked to get to them. Nothing sucks more than that.

At The Quibbler, we wouldn’t have our beloved readers fall into this funk. Which is why we thought, why not ask the fountain of confidence, Professor Gilderoy Lockhart himself, for tips on keeping your head held high (although we can’t promise you’ll look as magnificent as him while doing so).

Professor Lockhart was gracious as always (and frankly a little too eager) in lending us his expertise. After an hour of intense discussion (read: monologue) with the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, we’ve come to you with excerpts of the man’s best tips on keeping your confidence sky-high at all times.




Master Self Talk

“Oh, I never speak ill of myself! No, never. Not even in my head. I’ve always known I was special, that I am meant for greatness. I simply grew into it. However, it’d surprise you to know that I, too, feel a little low at times. Whenever those rare blues come about, I’ll simply stand in front of the mirror and remind myself of all my wonderful achievements and qualities… works like a charm!”


Self-Acceptance Over Perfectionism 

“To be honest, perfection has always been something that’s come naturally to me. I simply can’t help it! But I am aware that that’s a privilege I enjoy, and not everyone can be as effortlessly brilliant and talented. To those unfortunate folks, I’d advise taking it slow and setting realistic goals. Since you’re unlikely to attain mastery in one go – although, I have to admit, I can’t relate to that much – perhaps it’d be valuable for these individuals to focus on doing the best they can from their limited abilities.”




Push Yourself

“I’ve never really been afraid of a challenge. I always take it in my stride and use them to learn new skills – my illustrious career is proof of that. I love exploring new areas and seeing how far my capabilities stretch. So far, I haven’t encountered anything that has had me stumped, but I do hope to one day encounter a worthy quest.”


Present Yourself Well

“I can never stress enough the importance of good presentation. Poise is everything! You’ll never find me slouching in shabby robes; after all, one has to embody their magnificence. Granted, not everyone is gifted with devilishly handsome looks and a great head of hair like myself, but don’t let that get you down.”




Write It Down

“I love to journal. It’s an important part of my nightly self-care routine. I need to record all my accomplishments and triumphs; how else will I remember all of them to share with the world in my best-selling books! I’d hate to deprive my beloved admirers of the delicious details of my conquests.”


Fake It ‘Til You Make It

“If all else fails, simply emulate someone you wish to be. I humbly offer myself as a candidate. You can read all about my adventurous journey in my autobiography – Magical Me. Worth a trip to Flourish and Blotts, I’d say!”




Although we had to cut the interview short in the interest of time – much to Professor Lockhart’s dismay – we’re quite certain Professor Lockhart would be eager to answer any further queries through his fan mail, which he takes great pleasure in attending to (Perhaps more than his teaching duties – evident from the towering pile of homework on his desk that was yet to be graded).


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