How Luna Taught Me to Own My Creative Side

Creativity is something everyone should embrace, as well as the best versions of themselves, and no one does that as well as Luna Lovegood. Luna is a well-loved character in Harry Potter; she is known for being a creative character with a unique personality and outlook on life. While she is one of my favorite characters, she is also the character that has impacted my life the most. Luna is a character that never feels the need to conform to what others think or believe. She is always creating her own path and doing what is best for herself without caring what others think. This has always impacted me in a very positive way by helping me to finally accept my creative and unique side.



After I read the books for the second time in 2017, I was really able to evaluate the story better. The first time I ever read them was when my mom read them to me as a child, so I didn’t really recall much. Getting to reread them at an older age allowed me to appreciate them more and, thus, appreciate Luna’s character even more. I have always loved to write and draw, but I was always scared of others’ judgment. Since my reread in 2017, however, I have started my own lifestyle blog and pursued Entrepreneurship as a minor in college.

This was a huge step for me in accepting my passions and doing something for myself. I, of course, faced fears of people judging me or making me feel embarrassed to even think about pursuing something in these areas. Luna’s ability to be her most creative self and not worry about others’ judgment helped me to shake these fears. A good example I draw from is in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when she tells Harry about her objects being stolen and says, “My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the ways we expect.” Instead of worrying about those trying to bring her down, she finds a positive outlook and moves on.


Luna Lovegood taught me to believe and that being yourself is way more interesting than being someone else.” – Evanna Lynch


Luna’s pride in her father’s magazine is something else I truly admire about her. She is constantly defending The Quibbler and her father’s theories on the wizarding world. This is something to admire because while I chase my creative side, it is important to build a quality support system. By supporting others in their endeavors, I can further receive the support back tenfold.


Caption Contest, week of March 29, 2009


Luna has given me the courage to be myself and not be afraid to show what I am truly passionate about. She has given me the permission to be my most creative self and embrace my personality traits. With her influence, I also had the courage to apply at MuggleNet to further find my people, and now I get to write about a subject I can’t get enough of. Fellow students may have called her Loony and thought she was maybe too eccentric to be in Ravenclaw, but Luna still owned her individuality. My love of this fandom has always been the eccentric side of me in others’ eyes, but I have instead owned this nerdy side of myself and embraced my individuality. Without Luna Lovegood, I would be writing things that only my journal or laptop would see, and I wouldn’t be a part of this amazing community of fellow nerds and Potterheads.

Further emphasizing Luna’s influence on my writing career includes my decision to finally write my own novel. This is something that I would have only dreamt about a few years ago – something I once viewed as impossible. It is now a current project, and I no longer feel weird to say, out loud, that I want to write a book and become a published author. Luna’s courage through joining Dumbledore’s Army and fighting alongside the Order of the Phoenix in the Battle of Hogwarts has further positively influenced me. If she can put her life on the line for her loved ones, I can put myself on the line for my passions. Another example I have used to inspire my novel goal is the scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows when Harry discovers the mural on Luna’s ceiling where she has painted her friends’ portraits and painted the word “friends” over and over. Instead of being embarrassed by this, Harry feels touched. Luna wasn’t afraid to pour her heart into something she felt passionate about.

Embracing my unique and creative side has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sure, Hermione showed me that a love of reading was cool, and Ginny showed me a girl could be just as tough as any boy, but Luna helped me become more… me. Through courage and passion, I have been able to express myself in a way I would have never thought possible. I am writing about what I love, establishing my dream career, and building a life I can be proud of. Luna isn’t afraid to be herself and isn’t afraid to be a little odd sometimes. From inspecting Nargles to skipping around the hallways to the most colorful outfits, she is always 100% Luna no matter what, and that is something all of us can admire.


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Karmen Allison

Writing about the wizarding world has always been a dream and passion of mine. I definitely feel as though Harry Potter has shaped the person I am and has influenced me in so many ways. You will always find me with a book in my hand, sipping tea, and contemplating my next story to tell.