“Cursed Child” Productions Worldwide Team Up to Have at Least One Cast Member Onstage Over a 24-Hour Period

It’s the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child marathon we didn’t know we needed. For a 24-hour period beginning on June 25, the productions of Cursed Child – in Hamburg, London, Melbourne, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, and now Toronto – will have actors performing onstage somewhere in the world. BroadwayWorld reports that that’s a total of “272 cast members making 310 spells happen live on stage all in one day,” all to celebrate the seventh anniversary of the play.

While BroadwayWorld hasn’t specified in what time zone the 24-hour period will begin, we can infer that the marathon of Cursed Child magic is likely to begin in Australia with the Melbourne production. From there, Tokyo is only an hour behind, and that production is currently in previews ahead of its official opening on July 8. Hamburg and London also share a one-hour time difference. The New York and Toronto productions, meanwhile, are the only two productions to share the same time zone, with both cities currently observing Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

However the productions of Cursed Child have figured out how to make a little more magic for their audiences this weekend, we can’t wait to see how it turns out. Do you have a ticket to a performance of Cursed Child for June 25? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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