Young Wizards Summer Camp Day 1

Young Wizards Summer Camp, Glenmore, Cairngorms National Park, July Session: Day 1

Every year, witches and wizards younger than 11 are invited to a week-long summer camp. Here, they are able to socialize with their peers before their Hogwarts years, learn from current student counselors, and generally revel in their magic in a safe and caring environment. I’m Roxy Fliberton, one of the longest-serving counselors of this regional camp, here to report on the first day of our July session. Throughout the week, other counselors will submit their own reports (and some enterprising campers will also have some things to say!).

The good news is that everyone is fine and settling down for the night. The bad news is… well, you’ll see.

Daily Report:

  • Check-in: Started smoothly on time with the first group of Portkeys and Floo arrivals. There was a slight delay with the group from Aberdeen; they seem to have missed the Portkey and then tried to reactivate it, which resulted in them arriving in the middle of the creek. These kids must be getting smaller every year; no way some of these ten-year-olds are almost ready for Hogwarts! Two prohibited broomsticks and a confiscated bit of Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder were sent back with the parents.
  • Orientation: The house-elves from Hogwarts really outdid themselves with the butterbeer pancakes they made for us this morning. The campers ate them almost as fast as they appeared on the tables while we went through the camp rules. We got the campers split up into their cabin groups (Caleb’s talking replica Sorting Hat for that didn’t quite go as planned). Sent them off to unpack and meet with their cabin counselors.
  • Morning: This is where everything went off the rails. Someone snuck in a Fanged Frisbee, and it got loose. From what we can tell, Adrian Hornsby and Gavin Philpot were playing with it and using their innate magic to see if they could get it to go farther and higher. We’re not sure which of them did it and they swear it had to have been an accident, but suddenly, that frisbee was out of control. It crossed the magical camp borders and started straight for the Muggle campground on the other side of the creek. It took nearly all the counselors running after it and some luck that Alice brought her broom and is the fastest Chaser on the Hufflepuff House team to catch it before it tore through a Muggle campsite. No Muggle sightings reported.
  • Afternoon: The campers enjoyed some free time crafts and activities. We had a few incidences of emotion-driven magic causing some crafts to eat others, but we’re working on calming strategies.
  • Salamander fire: We taught the campers the usual songs: “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Pumpkin Juice,” “I’m a Little Cauldron,” “Baby Billywig,” and more. We also taught them how to care for the salamander fire. Adrian tried to catch a salamander and had to be given a Cooling Concoction.
  • Lights out: All campers accounted for and lights Nox‘d.

Submitted, Roxy Fliberton, Counselor


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