Young Wizards Summer Camp Day 3

Young Wizards Summer Camp, July Session: Day 3 Report

Today’s focus was on games and sports.

  • Morning: We started with some magical tie-dye, led by Roxy and Roger. The tie-dye potion came together without a hitch (finally, something did). We nearly had an accident with Spiffy the elf falling into one of the cauldrons, but thankfully, the crisis was averted. The kids hung their shirts on the line and were so excited to see them start to change colors right away.
  • Afternoon: While the shirts were drying, counselors led lessons on all the major sports and clubs at Hogwarts. Gobstones had a lot of interest, and of course, all the Quidditch players were the stars of the show. Melinda Greengrass and Ronan Fairchild nearly got into a fight about Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff Quidditch, but we broke it up quickly before more eyebrows were singed off. Alice showed off some of her goal-scoring abilities.
  • Snack: After the exhibition, we enjoyed some Nimbus Treats, aka cheese and pretzels made to look like broomsticks! The elves are the best.
  • Capture the Snitch: The main event of the day was the game of capture the Snitch. Each cabin was a team and had its cabin mascot on their tie-dyed shirts. It was a fierce competition, with a few falling tree branches that barely missed heads and some very sneaky tactics. We’ve got some up-and-coming Slytherins for sure with a lot of cunning. The Occamy cabin was disqualified because Billy Craden somehow got a hold of Alice’s broom and nearly caused our second Statute of Secrecy scare this week. That kid is going to give the Weasley twins’ legacy a run for its Galleons. The Bowtruckle cabin was the surprise winner, using some very clever tree climbing techniques to secure the Snitch.
  • Dinner: Quidditch Players Pie was on the menu tonight, as well as some Golden Snitch Cakes for the winner of the game.
  • Salamander fire: No salamander fire tonight, as everyone was tired and ready for bed.
  • Lights out: All accounted for and lights Nox‘d.

Respectfully submitted, Rowena Candledoff, Counselor


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