Young Wizards Summer Camp Day 7

Young Wizards Summer Camp, July Session: Day 7 Report

Today was a half-day, with campers going home in the afternoon.

  • Morning: We started the day with a feast that could match any at Hogwarts. We’re so lucky to have some of the school elves here to help take care of things.
  • Lesson/Activities: Today’s focus was on Charms and magical theory. A lot the younger campers were a bit squirrelly, so Rory and Rowena took them out to play a game to remember spell incantations and their inventors. The older campers, meanwhile, learned about Patronus Charms. A few of the older counselors were able to cast their own Patronuses, and it was a beautiful sight!
  • Arts and crafts: Along with the lesson, campers made their own Patronus light jars. It’s not the real thing, but hopefully, it will help those kids in the Winged Horse cabin who were scared of the Lethifold stories the other night. Each kid picked their own animal, and we had everything from little dormice to huge Ukrainian Ironbellies! When we cast the Everglow Charms on the jars, they were so excited to show them off.
  • Incident: Warren Bright, Adrian Hornsby, and Ronan Fairchild caused an incident when they riled up a nest of Doxies in the dining hall. No one was hurt, though we did have to administer some antidote for a slight bite Roger sustained.
  • Afternoon and checkout: Campers enjoyed butterbeer ice cream while they waited for their parents to come by Portkey and Floo to take them home. There were many hugs, exchanges of promises for owl post, and Adrian Hornsby trying to take home one of the spare Snitches, which he thought was a real gameplay ball.
  • Evening: Counselors spent the afternoon cleaning up the campgrounds, checking supplies for next week’s campers, and swimming in the creek.

Overall, a successful week of camp. We had a few incidents, but it seems like we got off easier than our Hogsmeade counterparts!

Signing off for the last time, Nigel Maud, Head Counselor


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