Which of Rosmerta’s Recipes Should You Make?

If you’re looking to brew up something delicious, MuggleNet has got you covered; with over 140 dishes to choose from over on our page for Rosmerta’s Recipes, you’ll find magical concoctions from sweet to savory and everything in between. There are recipes fit for a birthday bash, a movie marathon, a dinner party, or even just a casual snack.

Want to get cooking, but not sure what to make? We can help make the decision for you. Gaze into our crystal ball… or take the quiz below to find out which of Rosmerta’s Recipes you should make. Then, let us know how it goes by tagging us along with your creation on social media.


Jennifer Fancher

Jenni joined the Creative Team in 2019. Outside of MuggleNet, she works at an education and technology non-profit. She is a Chicago-based Hufflepuff who, like Hermione, is "hoping to do some good in the world."