UPDATED: “Hogwarts Legacy” Is Getting a New Song

After yet another delayHogwarts Legacy will finally launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 5. To celebrate the momentous and long-awaited occasion, the game’s developers have revealed that new content will be added next week as well. The content drop will consist of a brand-new song to add to Hogwarts Legacy‘s already stellar soundtrack.



In a tweet from the game’s official account, gamers were invited to sample the original piece, which is titled “Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song).” The song is performed by Dune Moss, a singer, songwriter, and fairy enthusiast who describes her primary genres as “ethereal magic, Indie Electronic, Art Pop, and musical inspirations coming from artists like Enya, AURORA, Imogen Heap, Purity Ring, etc.” The new song’s teaser trailer confirms the assessment, featuring airy and haunting vocals that soar over game footage of a young Isidora Morganach.

If the artist seems familiar, it could be because she is not new to the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Dune Moss was included as a featured vocalist in the game’s theme song, “Overture to the Unwritten,” which was released back in December.



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It’s safe to say that Hogwarts Legacy is far from done delighting fans with new content. Perhaps there will be more to come to mark the Nintendo Switch release on July 25.

UPDATE (May 8):

“Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song)” has officially dropped and become the newest song on the Hogwarts Legacy soundtrack. The music video features the vocal artist Dune Moss, whose voice soars alongside gameplay footage of Isidora Morganach. The video and lyrics combine to create a new depth in the character’s story and reflect the tragedy of when good intentions go wrong.



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