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MuggleNet fans show their true colors: Check out 35 magical tattoos!

A couple of days ago we featured a story from another website, ChaCha.com, which showed the best and the worst Harry Potter tattoos from around the web. At the end of the post I asked all you MuggleNet followers out there to submit your own Potter tats to the site so we could feature them, and – oh man – you guys delivered!

ChaCha.com features the best and the worst “Harry Potter” tattoos

Like many other Potter fans I have occasionally considered getting a tattoo to express my love for the boy wizard. (Indeed one time while traveling in Amsterdam my friend nearly convinced me to get a lightning-bolt scar stark on my chest.) Now, I didn’t get that tattoo, but much braver fans than I have gotten tats over the years, and recently ChaCha.com posted an article featuring some of the best and worst of them.