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Occlumency beats Legilimency

Dear Professor Snape,

Regards. I needed your help with something. My mother is skilled at Legilimency and she is one person from whom I cannot hide anything. All my Occlumency fails at her stare and she gets to know easily if something is wrong. Can you please offer me some advice?

Today (January 13) marks the day Harry Potter started Occlumency lessons with Professor Snape!

For a little while now we have been promoting the new MuggleNet fandom calendar on our website – a 2013 calendar with all of the usual functionality of a normal calendar but with a little extra magic. This unique calendar we’re talking about already comes pre-marked with all of the most significant dates from the <em<Harry Potter fandom, including birthdays of the characters/film actors, dates of notable Potter conventions, and even memorable dates from the book series, like this one.

Video of Occlumency scene and more!

Video of Occlumency scene and more!

The Insider recently aired some brand new footage from the fifth Harry Potter movie, including a thrilling look at the Occlumency scene with Harry and Snape. Additionally, in KABC's report on the recent press...

Occlumency Still Has A Part To Play

by Cheri Mathieu At the end of reading OotP, my mind was turning into Harry’s next summer vacation. Two big thoughts I had by the end of the book were A) Harry knows what...