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The Magic Quill #177: Werewolf Puppy Mills

Thanks for your patience, as this chapter took a record 3 months to pull together. My prognostication, back in September, that it was going to come out in record time, goes to show that I probably have Trelawney blood! I am fairly confident that the time-management crisis that curtailed my creative writing for a few months is now behind me (more or less), so I hope you can expect a few more Quills in 2011!

Draco Malfoy, a Werewolf?

by Harry Seeker Is it just me, or does Draco Malfoy exhibit the symptoms of a werewolf? Throughout Half-Blood Prince, we are treated to a barrage of hints and clues about our Slytherin friend, both...

Suicide by Werewolf?

by Theresa Faustina Since the Prisoner of Azkaban’’s description of the Whomping Willow Incident, most readers probably imagined that Snape learned of Lupin’’s lycanthropy on that night, right as James saved his life from the...

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