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Chocolate Frogs

This recipe is surprisingly easy and sure to delight any Potterhead, but be careful! Don’t let them escape out the train window.

Wizard Hats

Wizard Hats

Check out this cute dessert, inspired by the classic wizard’s hat.

Rosmerta's Recipes - Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants

Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants

Pumpkin is an ingredient in some of the most memorable dishes in the entire “Harry Potter” series. This recipe adds a pumpkin twist to a breakfast classic.

Happee Birthdae Cake Popsicles

We’re not sure that the cake Hagrid made for Harry was funfetti, but we also have no evidence to the contrary.

Exstimulo Potion Popsicles

Inspired by Wizards Unite, our only wish is that we could use Master Notes to decrease the time it takes for these delicious treats to freeze.

Edible Magic Wands

This recipe was inspired by Harry Potter and a love for chocolate-dipped pretzels.