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Nimbus Treats

These adorable appetizers are perfect for a “Harry Potter” party or trivia night. The pretzel and cheese brooms will be flying off the plate!

Acid Pops

We promise these acid pops won’t really burn a hole through your tongue. But you may experience some fireworks.

Love Potion

Love potions cause the drinker to fall in love with the person who gave them the potion. However, true love cannot be replicated by these potions. Try your hand at potion-making, with the help of this recipe from Alison.

Licorice Wands

Looking for a simple, sweet, and yummy snack? Try making licorice wands! These chocolate-covered licorice sticks can satisfy any sweet tooth!

Chocolate-Coated Frogs

These chocolate-covered frogs may not hop on the table, but they most certainly will in your stomach! Many thanks to Andrea for the recipe!

Pretzel Wands

Give these pretzel wands a try. They are another great recipe for any wizard-themed event!

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin juice staple of the Trolly Witch on-board the Hogwarts Express and across the wizarding world!

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