• HermioneGrangerGryffinclaw

    Jo, the queen has spoken. She has outruled all the racists.

    That’s my tweet to the matter.

    I told my mom about it today and she was like:

    She(Jo) takes responsibility. (by tweeting this answer.)
    And my answer was like:
    Jo surely thought: I am the shepherd, and my sheep are messing up. I have to take care of them.

    But why on heaven’s earth didn’t Emma (having played Hermione in the movies) say something about the matter?

    • Shanti Roy

      Emma did, she’s all for it.

      • Valerie Peer

        Yeah, I’ve seen her reply shortly later. Haven’t seen it when I wrote that comment.

  • I really want to hear Dan and Emma’s opinions on this. Did they say something?

  • Iain Walker

    Well, however she may remember it now, Rowling still wrote Book!Hermione in a way that strongly implies lighter skin rather than darker. It would be more sensible, methinks, to concentrate on the fact that this is completely irrelevant to casting decisions in a theatrical production, which is an adaptation of a script – and it’s the script where the canonicity of the play lies.

    The important thing is that Dumezweni is able to nail Hermione as a character, and according to Rowling, she can.

    Oh, and bless Jason Isaacs for not mincing his words. Although to be fair, while an awful lot of the resistance to Dumezweni’s casting is racism, at least some of it seems to be a lack of imagination, a confusion over what counts as canon, and a failure to understand the theatrical medium.

  • Shanti Roy

    I thought them casting Hermione as POC was a bit strange, however I think if they didn’t choose her based on her race that would have been pretty unfair.
    By the way, Rowling once drew a rough sketch of a white Hermione.