Robert Pattinson Has Been Busy with “Batman”, Dior, and Finding His Stolen Shoes

Robert Pattinson (who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) has seen some dynamic changes to his career in past years. From teen vampire to Dior spokesperson to the latest Batman, Pattinson still manages to impress us.

In an interview with GQ magazine, Pattinson sat down to chat about his recent work.

For the past eight years, Pattinson has been one of the spokespeople for Dior’s line of men’s fragrances. Despite the fact that Pattinson never thought he would be doing it for this long,” he’s made a name for himself with Dior. As we all know, Pattinson is definitely attractive enough to keep his Dior deal.

Pattinson says he’s been grateful to work with Dior and the numerous directors of its advertisements.

No one was really working with brands on such a big level when I was approached. That said, it’s been incredible and I’ve worked with directors that I wanted to do movies with anyway. I’ve been able to work with Jonathan Alric and Romain Gavras.

With his increased career success comes an increased sense of style as well. Pattinson is not the only one to regret some of his fashion choices. We’ve all looked back and cringed a little at our younger self’s outfits. During the premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pattinson remembers feeling like he played dress-up.

I was wearing leather trousers with these cowboy boots and a velvet jacket. I mean, it literally looked like a kid had gone into a dressing-up box.

Now that he’s older, Pattinson is far more aware of his clothing choices. One of his favorite articles of clothing is shoes. Specifically, he has his eyes on Palace Skateboards x Adidas Originals sneakers. Each time a new design is released, about every eight months, Pattinson swoops in to buy a pair.

A fresh pair of them only comes up every eight months or so. I had a pair of them stolen off me once, but I saw them on eBay, and I know I bought them back off the thief. I have alerts on when they’re being sold; I’ll soon own every pair in existence.

Congrats to Pattinson for buying back his stolen shoes!

The next time we’ll get a good look at Pattinson is in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, coming to theaters this July, alongside fellow Potter alumni Sir Kenneth Branagh and Clémence Poésy.