Rumors Fly of “Fantastic Beasts” Spin-Off from HBO Max and Warner Bros.

We here at MuggleNet have heard rumors of a possible spin-off of the Fantastic Beasts franchise from HBO Max and Warner Bros., and we just had to tell you about it

Whispers and speculations from multiple sources have tried to decipher what the project would be about and who would be included in the cast. The companies are still in the planning and negotiation stages, which means it will inevitably be a while before more announcements are made. Sources have not confirmed if it’s another movie in the Fantastic Beasts universe or a spin-off series. That still hasn’t kept fans (or us, for that matter) from wondering what stories the project will follow. Some are guessing that it will feature Grindelwald himself, and others speculate that it will include both Grindelwald and Dumbledore. Of course, these are all guesses and wishes.

Since the first two Fantastic Beasts movies saw two actors playing the mysterious and mischievous Grindelwald, it’s unclear whether either Johnny Depp or Colin Farrell will continue the part. 

Production for a spin-off project from HBO Max may have to wait until the end of the current Fantastic Beasts movies, however. This is possibly due to contract negotiations and restrictions from Warner Bros., seeing as it owns the movie rights. The third movie in the series has continued filming and is still expected to keep to the new release date of November 12, 2021. 

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet from either HBO Max or Warner Bros. MuggleNet has reached out to Warner Bros. for a statement but has not yet received a response.


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