Is a “Harry Potter” Reunion Coming? Tom Felton Talks TikTok and More!

Even as many projects are being put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) is staying busy. One of his latest roles, in the film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, is now available to stream on Netflix, and he has also been busy on TikTok.

While promoting A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, Tom was interviewed by E! News, and he commented with a laugh that his character “definitely looks unique.”

He similarly chatted with ET about how he got into character for his villainous role.

As soon as I started getting trinkets tied in my hair and bags of children teeth attached to my belt, I was loving it and it was impossible to be Tom, really, when you’re in the outfit. There’s no walking around; you’re sort of sauntering everywhere and dancing and gliding around the set.

It certainly sounds like something out of Borgin and Burkes, but Tom added that he enjoys playing villains.

And these guys, yeah, they seem villainous compared to the other characters, but they don’t think they’re the villains.

He also credited the film’s hair and makeup team for helping him get into the role.

And yes, I suppose when it comes to scaring the kids, that was really down to the fabulous hair and makeup team and the wardrobe and so forth because I felt like a rock star, a demon rock star just sauntering around. So it was a lot of fun.

In the real world, Tom has also become something of a TikTok rock star, taking the platform by storm with the hashtag #DracoTok. The idea is straightforward: Fans use the hashtag to make content related to Draco, and Tom himself might just use the duet feature to interact with what they’ve made.



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Muggles , I’m looking to duet……let’s see what you’ve got 🐍 #dracotok

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Of the success of #DracoTok, Tom explained to ET Online that it has “sort of taken a life of its own now.”

But I’m having so much fun with it because if you go to the hashtag DracoTok, you see all of these collaborative videos. We’re no longer retweeting or commenting; they’re actually taking things that I’ve done and putting their own spin on it. And then I can see that and put a spin on their stuff. It’s turning into a whole monster of its own. But I’m really, really enjoying it. So yeah, I’m going to keep the DracoTokers happy for as long as I can.

Tom also mentioned that he is trying to arrange a virtual Harry Potter reunion with some of the other cast members from the films. He explained that he had gone golfing with James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) and that he is “planning some sort of digital celebration” to mark the 19th anniversary of the release of the first Harry Potter film next month.

I’m trying to wrangle all the oldies back together again to celebrate the achievement, really.

Will we see cast members return to read through the script? Will James and Oliver Phelps join Tom on TikTok as the Weasley twins? The possibilities seem endless!

Plus, if you’re looking for even more great content inspired by the Wizarding World franchise on TikTok, you can find MuggleNet there too!


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