Sorting “The Last Kingdom” Characters into Hogwarts Houses – Part 1

We’ve spent the last year bingeing all sorts of television series, but hardly any can hold a candle to The Last Kindom (based on the Saxon Stories books by Bernard Cornwell). The superb writing, riveting plot, and characters you love (or love to hate) all come together to tell a spellbinding tale. Viewers follow Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a man of two cultures whose destiny is intertwined with real historical figures and battles in Viking-torn medieval England. The first four seasons are available to stream on Netflix now, and a fifth season is in the works.

If we blend this universe and the wizarding world together, The Last Kingdom is supposed to take place right around the same time as the founding of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This led us to wonder: How would each of these characters be Sorted into Houses? We’ve shared where we’d place seven key characters below, and we’ll be back next week with Part 2.


1. Ælswith



Though at times scornful, Alfred the Great’s wife has always been supportive of her husband’s dream of a united England. Ælswith is steadfast in her beliefs; she is consistently ruled by her piety, determination, and cunning. She frequently exercises her intelligence while plotting and advising among the political elite, which might seem to place her in Ravenclaw; however, it is her ambition and guile that would ultimately land her in Slytherin House.


2. Young Ragnar



Unlike many other Danes in The Last Kingdom, Young Ragnar (Uhtred’s adoptive Viking brother) is not particularly bloodthirsty or power-hungry at heart. All he truly wants is the honor of helping his people and righting the wrong that was done to his family. Ragnar is a man of his word, serving Alfred even as a prisoner, and above all, he values the pacts he makes with Uhtred and Brida. Never shying from his duty and promises, Young Ragnar is a bold and honor-bound Gryffindor.


3. Ædith 



Ædith may seem untrustworthy when first introduced in Season 4, but she quickly proves to be a discerning and loyal ally. From the start, she is deprived of nobility, objectified and used, and is bears witness to great betrayals. Rather than turn cynical and power-mad like her brother, Ædith forges a new path where she can make her own allegiances to fight for truth and justice. She goes from weak pawn to protector of children and loyal ally to Uhtred’s gang and England itself, in true Hufflepuff fashion.


4. Æthelwold



Æthelwold couldn’t be further from honorable. Constantly switching alliances and conniving across England, he is a shoo-in for Slytherin House. There was very little opportunity for him to follow a different path. Despite his status as the arguably rightful heir to the throne of Wessex, he was sidelined upon his father’s death in favor of his wise and dignified uncle, Alfred. Æthelwold slithers like a snake into the various factions’ meetings in the hopes of manipulating his way to the throne, no matter the cost.


5. Beocca



Devout, wise, and at times hotheaded, Beocca is at once an enigma and the rock of The Last Kingdom. You may recognize the actor Ian Hart, who also portrayed Professor Quirrell in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but Beocca would never go over to the dark side. He is as trustworthy and loyal as they come, seen as a moral advisor and a dear friend by both Alfred and Uhtred. Beocca is also a very magnanimous and accepting individual, even falling in love with and marrying a Dane. He is a Hufflepuff through and through.


6. Hæsten



Hæsten is one of those characters you can rely on to always fill the same role in any situation or plotline. He frequently gets himself involved, situates himself as a dubious ally, and then emerges unscathed even when his accomplice falls. You know exactly what to expect from him: He likes to spy and threaten, but when it comes time to fight, he won’t engage in a losing battle. He almost reminds us of Wormtail with how he breaks promises and escapes responsibility. He would be Sorted into Slytherin.


7. Alfred



We will wrap up this first round of Sorting with the man who stands head and shoulders above everyone else on the show: Alfred the Great. The king is such a formidable force that the Danes spend several seasons trying to defeat him and destroy his vision of one England. Despite their attempts, no man succeeds, and Alfred remains untouchable by man (if not by illness). Though at times he can seem cold and unforgiving, he proves to have a big heart despite the great weight on his shoulders. Through it all, his brilliant and sharp mind guide this Ravenclaw’s actions more than any other trait.


What do you think of the Sorting above? Which characters do you hope to see Sorted next week? Let us know in the comments. Destiny is all.

Jennifer Fancher

Jenni joined the Creative Team in 2019. Outside of MuggleNet, she works at an education and technology non-profit. She is a Chicago-based Hufflepuff who, like Hermione, is "hoping to do some good in the world."