FART Reading Challenge Six-Month Check-in Quiz

We are officially six months through the Folks All Reading Together reading challenge; can you believe it? If you’ve been following along, we’ve been sharing book recommendations, graphics for your Instagram stories, and even a few reviews of the books we read. Let’s take a minute to check in and see how you’re doing. Add up your points from your answers to the questions below to find out what kind of FART you are!




The challenge is set up to have one category per month. How did you do with keeping up?

1 point: Bold of you to assume I’ve read all of the categories. 

3 points: I like to keep it wild. Some months I read three books; some months I didn’t read any.

6 points: I read January’s book in January, February’s book in February… etc., etc.


Part of the intent of the FART challenge is to broaden our reading tastes and make an effort to try something new. Did you use this opportunity to branch out or revisit old favorites?

1 point: Look, I can make Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix fit any category you ask me to.

3 points: I’ve tried some new titles, but I’m not going to pass up the chance to read something I already love if it’s the perfect fit.

6 points: Glad you asked! I’ve become a new regular at my local bookstore/library with all these new book discoveries.




When we introduced the reading challenge, we shared a handy dandy reading tracker with you all – but did you use it?

1 point: People keep track of their reading? What do you think I am, a Ravenclaw?

3 points: I’ll enter a book in it if I remember, but it’s not a priority.

6 points: I took that spreadsheet and ran with it. Every book I’ve read this year has been logged down to the most Hermione-ish detail.


You knew this question was coming. Whether you’re reading your own copies or borrowing them from the library, how do you mark your place when you’ve got to set down your book?

1 point: Haters gonna hate, but I’ll dog-ear ’til the day I die.

3 points: I won’t stoop to anything that could destroy my book, but I’m not precious about it either. Whatever scrap of paper I have around will do the trick.

3 points: Keeping track of your spot is for noobs. I use digital/audio copies of my books so I don’t have to deal with problems like this.

6 points: With the wide world of bookmarks available, why would someone do something so sacrilegious as desecrating a book?!




As book lovers ourselves, we can’t get enough of talking about books. Did you tag us/use the hashtags/post about your FART picks?

1 point: My books, my business.

3 points: I used the occasional hashtag for the titles I really loved, but not everything I read.

6 points: You had me at Instagram graphic. Whether I loved it or hated it, anything book-related is worth sharing.


Finally, the question you’ve all been waiting for. How many of the six books/categories did you read?

1 point: Not a single one. I’m going to blast through all 12 books in the last half of the year, just watch.

3 points: One to five. I only missed a few, but that’s easily remedied!

6 points: All six, baby!





6-12 points: Wind-Breaker

More like a breeze-breaker! As far as FARTs go, you are chill enough that you could easily be passed off as a squeaky chair. You’re following along with the reading challenge, but the best part about reading is picking up whatever happens to appeal to you at the time. What’s the point in turning it into a chore? If you see something you like on one of our recommendation lists, you’ll go for it, but it’s not the end of the world if you only complete a few of the challenges.




13-24 points: One-Cheek Squeak

Squeak might be an understatement here. You are the kind of FART that is impossible to hide, even if it’s more sound than substance. You’re enjoying participating in the reading challenge, but you’re not going to take it too seriously. Some of the categories are more appealing to you than others, and you’re not going to scour the Internet for the perfect pick if you can’t think of something readily. You love to read, though, and you can agree that taking an opportunity to read new genres and authors and talk about them is never a bad thing!




25-36 points: Silent But Deadly

You are the hurricane of FARTs – the kind of FART that can clear the room without making a sound. You take your reading challenges seriously and you’ll be damned if you’re not getting that gold star of completing everything on the list by the end of the year. If you commit to something, you’re going to follow it through. Books might be fun, but reading is no laughing matter!




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Fiona McTaggart

I basically learned to read over my mum’s shoulder as I followed along and I’ve been obsessed with Harry Potter ever since!