Check Out These New Universal Orlando Resort Goodies

We’ve told you about lots of magical merchandise at Universal Orlando Resort, and with everything from Deathly Hallows-themed bags to fluffy Pygmy Puff plushies available at the park, there’s something for every witch or wizard to enjoy. If you haven’t found the perfect item yet, check out these new treats and see if there’s something for you!



First up is a creative project for anyone looking to make their own magical piece. Several Harry Potter-themed Metal Earth sets have recently been added to the collection. Golden Snitch and Hagrid’s hut sets were already available, but you can now purchase sets centered around Buckbeak, the Knight Bus, and the Hogwarts Express. You can also get into the Christmas spirit with a Hogwarts in Snow set or re-create the Weasleys’ cozy home. The sets allow you to create your very own version of these iconic locations and characters out of steel. None of the sets need glue, and all are priced between $18 and $50.


"Harry Potter" Metal Earth sets, found at the Universal Orlando Resort


There’s also a new way to enjoy your morning brew: a Polyjuice Potion mug! The mug is shaped like a cauldron, and the aged label on the front makes sure everyone knows that it once was a part of Horace Slughorn’s own personal apothecarium. Once you’ve had your morning coffee, you can pack your lunch in the new Hogwarts House lunch boxes. Each House has its own bag, featuring the House crest, colors, and traits. They all retail for $35. If you want a drink to take with you, you could always show your support for Voldemort with a Dark Mark Tervis tumbler. In addition to a huge silver Dark Mark on the front, the mug features a small nod to each House in the form of their animals. Both mugs can be found in Borgin and Burkes, while the lunch boxes will be spotted at CityWalk.

If you want to show off more House pride, there are even more delights for you to find at CityWalk. For $15, you can get a key ring designed to look like Hogwarts robes. Each House has its own ornament, which features basic black robes and extra details of the House’s color. If this key ring isn’t something you like the look of, there are several others, including one designed to look like the portrait of the Fat Lady and another that brings to life the Sorting Hat’s charm. If ornaments aren’t your thing, the final piece of new merch is an updated Fawkes the phoenix plushie from the Noble Collection. The plushie’s new form includes a darker face, neater fur, and different colored feet.



That’s all the new merch you can find at Universal Orlando Resort! Which is your favorite, and are you hoping to get any of these items soon?


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