Marauders Incorrect Quotes for When You Need a Chuckle: Wolfstar Edition

Do you know the real pain of having the Marauders as your favorite characters? The fact that there is very little canon content revolving around these adorkable idiots. But it’s also a blessing in disguise as the lack of content gives ample space for the fandom to let their creativity run wild.

If you ever find me fully immersed in reading something on my phone, you can safely assume that I’m engrossed in some good old Wolfstar slow-burn angst. In my mind, Remus‘s calm sarcastic energy is perfectly completed by Sirius‘s chaotic idiot max persona.

Last time I brought you some of my favorite Marauders incorrect quotes. Today, let me bless you with the crème de la crème of Marauders incorrect quotes – Wolfstar incorrect quotes.




Same, Sirius. Same.



And y’all thought James was bad. There’s a reason why these two were besties.



Smart, witty, and tall – Remus is the complete package, and no one can resist his charm.



Is he oblivious or just sarcastic? You can never tell.



I can almost picture it – Sirius climbing on top of the Gryffindor table, setting off fireworks AND confetti, before bursting into a musical number which ends with him dipping an overly embarrassed Remus and proceeding to snog him senseless.



My man just can’t believe his luck.



My man is also a dramatic little weirdo.



I love how we have reached a mutual agreement in the fandom that although Sirius is a rebel in all aspects, he’s also smol and soft and needs to be protected at all costs.




That awkward moment when your best friends start dating, and you’re left in a constant state of third-wheeling. Well, at least James had Pete to keep him company.



This is Sirius when he sees other dogs.



This is Sirius when he sees Remus with other dogs.




Domestic Wolfstar owns my entire heart, especially when it’s got Sirius operating on one brain cell and Remus being absolutely done with his idiot of a boyfriend.



James Potter – loving husband, adoring father, and an ardent Wolfstar shipper even in the afterlife.

Aaaaannnd now I need to go find myself an angsty slow-burn fan fiction to redirect all these feelings into. Recommendations are more than welcome!


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