Take a Peek Inside “The Magic of MinaLima,” Available for Preorder Now

When we first heard that the minds behind the graphic design of the Wizarding World were releasing a book delving into two decades of work, we could hardly wait. Now, MinaLima has revealed how much longer until the book hits our shelves.

The Magic of MinaLima will explore 20 years of the graphic design house’s work, from Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter to the recent work of the Fantastic Beasts series. Alongside photos and images, the book will offer insight into the design process and of course, interactive elements.


The cover of "The Magic of MinaLima."

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The Black family tapestry and Marauder’s Map have already been shared as elements that will be interactive, and we can’t wait to see what other surprises the book will have in store. In some of the pages previewed on the website, we know that there will be spreads on the design for the labels for bottles of butterbeer, the British Ministry of Magic memos and notices, and that all-important Hogwarts acceptance letter.



The butterbeer pages show the different designs for the labels used across the Wizarding World franchise. The first label used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone can be seen alongside the labels used in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald for Parisian bottles and Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore for Himalayan bottles.


Pages from "The Magic of MinaLima" showcasing butterbeer labels.


The pages for the British Ministry of Magic showcase different logos the design house created for different Potter and Fantastic Beasts movies and identity cards for Newt Scamander, Miraphora Mina, and Eduardo Lima.


Pages from "The Magic of MinaLima" showcasing British Ministry of Magic designs.


Our final preview is of Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. Many fans will know that the handwriting on the letter and envelope is Miraphora’s. Some fans, however, may not know that the envelopes in the film are carried by real owls. The commentary for this page reveals that they had to rush to make lightweight versions of the props after the first versions were “too heavy for [the owls] to carry!”


Pages from "The Magic of MinaLima" showcasing the Hogwarts acceptance letter.


The Magic of MinaLima will be published on October 18 in the United States and October 20 in the United Kingdom. Copies bought from the MinaLima website or at House of MinaLima will cost £40 and include a bookplate signed by Eduardo and Miraphora.


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