Top Ten Ways to Show Your Hogwarts Spirit

Hogwarts alumni tend to wear their school pride on their sleeves (sometimes literally). And there are so many ways to celebrate our love of Hogwarts that can involve Potter fans and non-Potter fans in the magical loving space. Whether it be a party, supporting fan creators, becoming a magical chef, or hosting a trivia night, there are always ways to take you and your friends to the magical walls of Hogwarts. Here are ten ways to keep the magic alive.


Update your House wardrobe.


Lulu and Roo has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a collection featuring a variety of comfortable and stylish Hogwarts House-themed clothing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”


We’ll start with the obvious one. Are your House graphic tees fading? Or maybe you were originally Sorted into Hufflepuff but now feel like Slytherin is your true House. Whatever the reason, it may be a good time to update your Hogwarts wardrobe with a fresh new look. Buy a new Hogwarts House holiday sweater. Dress up the child in your life with some new Hogwarts swag. Buy a generic Hogwarts crest t-shirt. Whichever path you choose, these fresh new looks are styling.


Throw a Hogwarts-themed party.



We can’t think of a better way to show your Hogwarts pride than by throwing a big, themed party. Go ahead and splurge. Have a trolley cart full of Hogwarts Express treats, and decorate with House banners, floating candles, and a cauldron full of dry ice. No matter how you do it, your magical creativity is sure to thrive.


Support fan creators.


These screenshots are from the TikTok account @managerofmischief


Supporting our Harry Potter community doesn’t have to be complicated. It could mean following Potter TikTok or Instagram accounts where we have the chance to share and highlight the raw talent of the fandom. Purchase Hogwarts-themed items on Etsy such as personalized acceptance letters for the 11-year-old in your life. Or splurge on décor with a Hogwarts shadow light box frame. Not only will you be supporting a fellow fan, but you’ll also enrich your home with more magical items.


Make a back-to-Hogwarts post on social media.


hogwarts express at warner bros studio tour london


You still have a little bit of time left to jump on the #backtohogwarts trend and post about it on your social media platforms. Represent your Hogwarts and House pride and get all decked out in your school gear. It will surely bring joy to the viewer.


Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.


Starting September 1, the “Harry Potter” movie collection will be streaming on HBO Max.


This is a no-brainer. If you don’t have the time or money to splurge on a party or merchandise, the best way to be in the Hogwarts spirit is to have a Harry Potter movie marathon. Find your people, sit back, and watch to your heart’s content. Enjoy the magical ambiance.


Get creative with a Hogwarts craft night.



If you’re the crafty type, it may be time to have another craft get-together with some friends. Put on a Harry Potter movie in the background and craft the night away. You can make your own potion bottles, create your own wand, or sew a pillowcase. If you’re especially crafty, you can mold your own Mandrake roots out of clay. The possibilities are endless.


Sort your friends.



If you have any Muggles in your life that have yet to be Sorted into their Hogwarts Houses, now is the time to do it. Even though they may not be Potter fans, it doesn’t mean that they’ll hate the idea of a personality quiz. Fluff it up and make the experience fun for all the non-wizards in your life.


Cook a Hogwarts-inspired feast.



Why not host a night to remember with a Hogwarts-inspired feast for family and friends? Decorate the table in House colors and foods from the Harry Potter books. Take a look at Rosmerta’s Recipes for some inspiration. Try Chinese Fireballs as an appetizer and shepherd’s pie as an entree. The night wouldn’t be complete without some butterbeer


Have a Hogwarts trivia night.



Host a Hogwarts trivia night with your Potter friends. Each team represents a Hogwarts House, and the winner receives the House Cup as a prize. Make the categories specific, and don’t be afraid to make it difficult. You want your friends to work for it! If you are stuck on what questions to include in the trivia, you can glean some from already made trivia here.


Debate celebrity Sortings.



Compile a list of your favorite celebrities, dissect their personalities, and debate where they would be Sorted if they were to attend Hogwarts. This could make for some really intense and hilarious conversations depending on how you and your friends feel about any given celebrity.

Well, there you have it — ten ways to show your Hogwarts spirit. Did we cover everything? Is there anything else you would add to this list? Comment below.


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