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The Get Active Over October campaign banner is pictured.

St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School Students Take On “Harry Potter” Challenge to Raise Funds for Their School

St George and St Teresa Catholic Primary School students are smashing a virtual challenge fit for any Triwizard Tournament champion: Raise £1,298 by “traveling” 1,298 miles from their school in Bentley Heath to Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France. Find out how you can support them in their magical journey here!

We Didn’t Need the Americanized Versions of the “Harry Potter” Books

Americanizing books is still a common practice long after “Harry Potter” was released. But if, as readers, we’re able to take the whole wizarding world in our stride without ever having visited it, we should also be able to figure out that pudding is more than just a gelatinous treat and trainers are the same as runners.