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Castium Revelio: We Heart Christian!

From Cambridge to Duckberg to Nashville, we have a look at all the upcoming projects and appearances of “Potter” cast members, covered right here, right now! Check out this week’s Castium Revelio!


Castium Revelio: En Garde, Tom Felton!

We have tons of new projects coming from our “Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” alum, including a modern twist on “Hamlet”, a new look at the legend of Excaliber, a completely bearded David Tennant, and an evil dictator played by Gary Oldman!


Role Call: No Strings to Hold Us Down!

When it comes to the roles and projects available to “Potter” or “Fantastic Beasts” cast and crew, the sky appears to be the limit! Follow along this week as we explore what’s next on the slate for our favorite actors from the wizarding world!