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Reflecting on “The Magicians” Season 1: Change Isn’t Always Bad

It’s hard to believe that the first season of Syfy’s adaptation of “The Magicians” aired last week – we spent so much time anticipating the show that it seems too soon for it all to be over. But now that it is, and we’ve seen a little bit more of the direction the show’s creators are taking, we can talk about how the show is faring as an adaptation of the books we love so well!

Set Visit Report: MuggleNet Meets “The Magicians” – The Lev Grossman Interview!

You’ve read about the amazing sets we saw in Vancouver and seen our interviews with the cast of the show, and now we’ve got our big finale: an interview with the author himself, Lev Grossman! Here at MuggleNet we’re big fans of Grossman’s “Magicians” trilogy – not surprising given that it’s about what happens to adults when they discover a Hogwarts-like alternative to college – so we’re especially excited for the opportunity to speak to the creator of the world we’re about to see adapted for television.