Pottermore content of new Bloomsbury editions revealed

With Bloomsbury’s newest editions of the Harry Potter books (with cover art by Jonny Duddle) set to be released in the United Kingdom on September 1, we are excited to announce that we have a preview of the exclusive Pottermore content featured in the books, courtesy of the francophone Harry Potter fansite La Gazette du Sorcier. We now know that a spread at the end of each novel will include a number of one- or two-sentence anecdotes containing fun facts about the wizarding world. Targeted primarily to younger readers of the series, the pages encourage a more interactive experience and invite the reader to visit Pottermore to find out more about Harry’s world. Additionally, Bloomsbury has included a four-page biography of J.K. Rowling – as well as a page of fun facts about the author, entitled “J.K. Rowling: Fact File” – at the end of Book 7. At the start of the new edition of each book, there will also be a map of Hogwarts, showing the placement of such locations as the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch Pitch, and Hogsmeade in relation to the school. Finally, changes have been made to the layout of the books themselves to allow for a richer experience while reading. For example, Snape’s potions riddle – one of the obstacles faced by Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Book 1 – has been rendered to look like a handwritten note. See the gallery below for photos of the new content, and merci beaucoup to Cory of La Gazette du Sorcier for the photos and tip! To read the original article (in French), you can go here. Are you excited for the new information? Do you plan to purchase the new Bloomsbury editions of the books? Were you surprised by any of the fun facts? Let us know in the comments!


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  • RD

    Pottermore is book canon, now!

    • Andrew_ww

      Pottermore always was always Harry Potter canon, same as the books.

  • Snatch The Snitch

    Take my money please!

  • Katelyn

    What a lovely map! Though for some reason I’ve imagined everything oriented the opposite way, even when I know it’s wrong. Maybe it has something to do with being American and driving on the other side of the road. 😉

  • Jenn

    will they be able to be purchased in the usa?

    • Snatch The Snitch

      Idk, but you could get them online either way

  • Jim Walton

    Get the old UK editions out of the loft/library/charity-shop (with the better covers) once the kids are interested/seen-the-films/old-enough. Make them a Pottermore account each. Save a lot of money? The End. 😉

  • Sam Oakshield

    Hello! Has anyone noticed that the new hardback Harry Potter edition is 450 pages thicker (for 7 books in total) comparing to previous, Signature one?

    I possess the hardback Signature edition (7 books, 2011, ISBN 9781408825945) and I noticed that the books 1-3 from the new hardback 2014 edition (ISBN 9781408856789) look quite thicker. I found the next pagination difference between the Signature ed. and the new one (according to my books and the book pagination of the new edition that Bloomsbury give on their site):

    (Book number: 2011 Signature. ed. – 2014 New ed.)

    1: 223 p. – 352 p. (+129 p. in new ed.)

    2: 251 p. – 384 p. (+133 p.)

    3: 317 p. – 480 p. (+163 p.)

    4: 636 p. – 640 p. (+4 p.)

    5: 766 p. – 816 p. (+50 p.)

    6: 607 p. – 560 p. (-47 p.)

    7: 607 p. – 640 p. (+33 p.)

    Is this pagination information from Bloomsbury agree with the real books? Can someone who possesses this new edition check it? Thank you very much!

    For the new ed. (9781408856789) they indicate the pages total (extent – 3422) but if to sum up one by one (using their items information) it gives 3872 pages. So I’m very confused. I mean is it the right information about the new pagination? I understand that the pagination reset in the new edition is normal due to some chages (like in books 4-7 within its 50 pages) but the pagination reset in books 1-3 like +130+160 pages for each one looks just mysterious….is it real? I inquire about it because the only one way for me to order it is from some book sellers (like Amazon) and I can’t look at it personaly before I buy it! ?

    • James M

      The new page numbering seems to be correct. Book 7 now begins on page 1, instead of page 9 as in the 3393-page editions of all books. Book now has 619 pages of text, instead of 599 as before. I think the explanation is a change in the size of the page, and of the typeface. Result: same amount of text on slightly more pages. I have not examined all 7 books, but 5 now has over 800 pages, instead of beginning on page 7 and ending on 766, or 760 pages of text.

      I would definitely get the set. Hope that helps. There is an even newer edition coming out this September.