“Potter” book and film newcomers share their first reactions

The Harry Potter series may have concluded nearly six years ago, but people around the world, of all ages, are still experiencing Harry’s world for the first time today. Two stories, from 20SomethingReads and Under the Gun Review, tell of adults’ reactions to the Potter books and films, respectively.

The contributor to 20SomethingReads discusses not only their reaction to the series, but also how their experience may have differed from someone who read the books when they first came out. It also extends to the impact of the films as well as their regrets of missing various fandom experiences, including: “While the rest of the world donned costumes and attended crowded bookstore parties upon the eve of each release, I missed out, oblivious to the excitement that I should have been a part of.”

The film reviewer from Under the Gun Review has already read each book, but has not seen any of the films. They will be chronicling their journey as they watch and review two Harry Potter films per week. The films will be reviewed as though the watcher has never read the books. The reviews for the first two films are now online.

These are just a couple of the countless stories of people discovering, or rediscovering, the Harry Potter books and films, and further proves that the Potter fandom is certainly alive and well, and growing every day.

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Have you introduced anyone to the Harry Potter series? What was your first reaction to the books or films?