Scenes I Hope to See in Jim Kay’s Illustrated “Order of the Phoenix”

New iterations of well-loved stories are often met with criticism — consider The Hobbit or the new Star Wars trilogy. The Harry Potter films have been nitpicked for eliminating scenes from the books, and the response to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has been controversial. However, for me and so many fans of Jim Kay‘s work, his beautiful illustrations are welcome additions to the franchise.



Kay has done a superb job staying faithful to the story while infusing his own style. His depictions of Harry, Ron, and Hermione have fused with my mind’s versions. A new generation of Potterheads will cherish these images, and even Millennials like me find joy in the breathtaking details and clever Easter eggs.

Needless to say, the fandom will rejoice when Kay’s illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is finally given a release date. In the meantime, I’m wondering which scenes will make the cut. We know from his Instagram that Kay is working on Thestrals and house-elves, but what other scenes, characters, and locations will make appearances? Here are the chapters I’m hoping are given special treatment in the new edition.




The Order of the Phoenix

This book won’t be complete without a group image of the Advance Guard, if not individual portraits of the Order. I want to see Lupin and Moody again, but I also can’t wait to see Kay’s treatment of Tonks, Kingsley, and even Dedalus Diggle and Emmeline Vance. And while Mundungus worked out well in the films, I do hope to see a more faithful ginger-haired representation.


The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black

Along with a less-terrifying Sirius, I’m excited to see inside 12 Grimmauld Place. Perhaps we’ll get the scene in the kitchen where Harry learns about the ministry’s gaslighting. However, Kay also shines in more active scenes, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see scenes with doxies or the boggart. Most of all, I hope to glimpse a certain special locket.




Dumbledore’s Army

Daniel Radcliffe played the part of Professor Harry well, though I’d love to see another perspective of these moments. I just know that Kay is going to give us a unique and loveable Luna Lovegood. A standout scene I hope to see is Dobby’s decorations in the Room of Requirement for Christmas.


The Lion and the Serpent

While we missed out on Quidditch games for two whole movies, I’m thinking Kay will treat us to illustrations of Ron on the Gryffindor team. It would be especially awesome to see George and Harry pummeling Draco, a scene that I bet would be very animated and emotional.


The Eye of the Snake

Kay has used some really cool and downright magical techniques in his art; notably, his ghosts and Patronus illustrations are stunning. I bet Harry possessing Nagini while she attacks Arthur would be a challenging yet interesting scene to illustrate.




St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries

The fifth movie robbed us of a glimpse into the magical world by skipping over St. Mungo’s. Kay has had a lot of fun inventing storefronts for Diagon Alley, so I hope to see witches and wizards with imaginative ailments. Perhaps we’ll see the return of Gilderoy Lockhart!


The Centaur and the Sneak

I’ve always found Firenze‘s Divination class to be one of the most compelling Hogwarts moments. With Kay’s background working at Kew Gardens, this natural environment inside the castle is right up his alley. Later this chapter, I hope we’re also shown Marietta’s fate and Dumbledore’s stylish escape.


Snape’s Worst Memory

It goes without saying that Potterheads are clamoring for more Marauders content. Fingers crossed we get to climb inside the Pensieve with Harry to spy younger versions of his parents, their friends, and Snivellus.





What else can I say? A gigantic full-page spread of a monstrous Grawp would be icing on the cake for a fully illustrated edition of Order of the Phoenix.


The Department of Mysteries

Potter fans have speculated on what exactly goes on in the Department of Mysteries for years. It is arguably the most magical place in the wizarding world, and this book might be our best shot at seeing an official depiction. There’s a lot of room for Kay to get creative and philosophical.


The Only One He Ever Feared

Lastly, I really hope Kay shows us the epic duel in the lobby, complete with Voldemort’s shield. Mary GrandPré’s chapter illustration of this scene has always had me wanting to see more. I love how Kay illustrates magic spells at work, so the more fights between sorcerers, the better!



Jim Kay’s artwork continuously blows me away, so I have complete confidence that the next installment of his illustrated editions will be just as enchanting. What do you hope to see in Order of the Phoenix? Share your wishlist in the comments below!


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