Young Wizards Summer Camp Day 5

Young Wizards Summer Camp, July Session: Day 5 Report

Today’s focus was on wands and wandlore.

  • Morning: We had some campers who didn’t sleep last night due to some particularly frightening Lethifold stories their peers told them. A lot of tears, and Eustace Templeton ended up going home.
  • Lesson: Though these kids don’t have their wands yet, we practiced saying incantations clearly, proper wand holding techniques (with some edible snack wands), and helpful maintenance tips. Gavin Philpot and Adrian Hornsby got a hold of Roger’s wand and nearly blasted half the cabins away. Those two are one strike away from being sent home. As it was, they received a lecture from the camp director, Professor Caterfall.
  • Arts and crafts: Sage led a special craft activity where campers made their own play wands. They discussed wand woods and cores and how they work together. Sage was the perfect leader for this activity since she interned last summer at Ollivanders. I even learned something about my own wand!
  • Afternoon: The kids had some fun trying out their play wands. Aurora Clearwater and Nancy Pickleby organized what looked like a dance routine and somehow got all the campers to join in. We counselors added some fun fireworks and effects with our own wands. It turned out quite beautiful; Hogwarts really should consider adding performance opportunities to the school year again.
  • Evening: Tonight, we showed off some potion-making skills and taught the kids about proper cauldron maintenance. You can never be too careful! Certified Healers from St. Mungo’s came to oversee the activity, and now I’m paranoid that every antidote I make will somehow end up poisoned if my cauldron isn’t clean enough. The elves made us some delicious Cauldron Cake Pops, however!
  • Salamander fire: It was our last fire for the session, and there was a lot of singing, plenty of butterbeer for all, and some tears as we said our goodbyes to this summer. We gave out awards for games, activities, and crafts, as well as some special awards for those campers who will be Hogwarts first years this September.
  • Lights out: All accounted for and lights Nox‘d.

Respectfully submitted, Rory Dalenger, Counselor


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