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Remembering Cedric Diggory

Twenty years ago today the wizarding world suffered a tremendous loss in the form of Cedric Diggory’s murder. Cedric’s death was significant in the “Potter” series because it was the first time readers witnessed the death of a character that wasn’t minor and wasn’t just a fleeting mention. We were in that graveyard with Harry and Cedric, so his death was naturally more real to us than that of James and Lily’s. Cedric’s death was pivotal in shifting the series and its readers out of childhood and into the adult world.

Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff, graveyard

Goodbye Cedric

What better way to mourn Cedric’s death than with a song?

Don’t Do What Diggory Did

by Andrew Lee “He had been starting to quite like Cedric – prepared to overlook the fact that he had once beaten him at Quidditch, and was handsome, and popular, and nearly everyone’s favorite...