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Fan of the Week: Taylor – August 30, 2015


Meet Fan of the Week Taylor, a 22-year-old Ravenclaw from Georgia! Read all about her first adventure to Diagon Alley, find out which prop from the films she wishes she could have had, and apply to be next! Read More »

Epilogue: 19 Months Later


The finale in this epilogue series imagines the wizarding world 19 months after the final battle. Read More »

Slytherpuffs, and Gryffinclaws, and Huffledors, Oh My!


What do you mean I can be BOTH?! Read More »

The 12 “Potter” Characters You Meet on Tinder

YuleBallPatils copy

Sure, they may have the ability to fly and get the housework done by magic, but when it comes to dating, the characters of "Harry Potter" have to wade through the same morass of horrible mistakes as the rest of us. Read More »

Messrs. and Mses. Howly, Digger, Sly, Babbitty, and Spike: Animagus Forms of the New Generation


Which animal would best represent our favorite characters as Animagi? Here's one perspective! Read More »

Ten “Harry Potter” Characters and Their “Real Life” Counterparts


You know those characters that remind you of a certain person you've come across in your life? Well, here's a list of HP characters and their real-world equivalents. Read More »

The Cosplay Minute: Wizard World Chicago 2015!


This past weekend, MuggleNet again had the opportunity to attend Wizard World's Chicago Comic Con at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois. Just as we have done last year, we scoured the convention floor in search of those fan attendees who were dressed as characters from Harry Potter's world. See all of their fabulous costumes here! Read More »

Fan of the Week: Ethan – August 23, 2015


Meet new Fan of the Week Ethan! He's a Gryffindor from New York with a great (and to many others, familiar) story of how he became a fan! Check out his profile and submit your own to be next! Read More »

What’s Next for Emma Watson?

Emma Watson Whats Next

It is an "auspicious day" for Emma Watson. It's been 15 years since the world was first introduced to the young actors who would be starring in the "Harry Potter" films, and today, her work wraps on "Beauty and the Beast". What's next? Read More »

Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Hermione Granger

hermione wand

The brightest witch of her age can be a little terrifying. Here's why you probably shouldn't make her angry or end up on her bad side. Read More »

Five of Our Favorite Fandom Pairings: Draco Malfoy Edition

draco shock

Draco would be shocked if he found out who we pair him with. Are you? Read More »

Seven “Harry Potter” Characters Who Wore Stripes… a Lot


The abundance of stripes in the "Harry Potter" cast's wardrobe has been noticed before, and when all the images are put together in one place it's astonishing how many examples there really are. Here are a few "Potter" characters rocking the stripes. Read More »

Hermione Granger: Throwing Shade Since 1991

hermione glaring

Hermione Granger's famous death glares put together in one withering list. Read More »

Bad Blood to Mad Love: The Dramione Ship


Do you think that Rowling made the right choice by pairing Ron and Hermione, or should she have given Draco and Hermione a chance to form a relationship? Read further to see why Dramione is so popular! Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Divergent

Divergent title

The fifth installment of our "Divergent" series explores the "Potter" characters that would be considered Divergent. Who would be unable to conform to one specific way of life? Read More »

Five Times Our Favorite Characters Were at Their Worst: “Sorcerer’s Stone” Edition

Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone movie image (3)

We all know about the best moments in "Harry Potter", but what about the worst? Lets take a look the worst moments of five characters in "Sorcerer's Stone". Read More »

Dear Guardian, Dumbledore Is Many Things, But “Kind” is Not One of Them

Grandpre 2015 Calendar Featured Image

Let’s play a game of Is This Character Really Kind? Read More »

“Harry Potter” and “Divergent”: Erudite


The third installment of the "Harry Potter" and "Divergent" series looks into which characters from "Potter" would choose a life of knowledge. Who would bleed over water during their Choosing Ceremony? Read More »

On Coming-of-Age in the Second Wizarding War

mugglenet post header

What does it mean to "grow up"? Here is a reflective, creative piece on how certain central "Potter" characters may have "come of age" throughout the Second Wizarding War. Read More »

Wizards… assemble!


Comparing Earth's mightiest heroes to Hogwarts's mightiest witches and wizards! Read More »