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If the Potter Kids Were the Beat Generation: Strange Crossovers

hp beat crossover pic

Daniel Radcliffe could play both Harry Potter and Allen Ginsberg for a reason! Check out some strange counterparts between the Potter kids and the Beat Generation! Read More »

Emma Watson Leads the “Incredible Women” Issue of Porter Magazine


Emma Watson will be leading the "Incredible Women" issue of Porter Magazine, that celebrates hundred incredible women who have made an impact in 2015. Take a look at the cover featuring Emma here! Read More »

Gryffindors Are Under Attack (and not by Lord Voldemort for once!)


Gryffindor house is having a hard time, its not all about bravery against an evil Lord. Let's reclaim Gryffindor as the best house and here's why! Read More »

Four Lives Forever Changed by Newt Scamander


Newt Scamander has already been working magic in the lives of our favorite "Harry Potter" characters, and we’ve still got under a year until the "Fantastic Beasts" premiere! Here are just four of the characters affected by Newt’s successful career as a Magizoologist. Read More »

Espresso Patronum!

featured espresso

To celebrate National Espresso Day, we imagined which magical coffee elixirs would have been our favorite witch and wizard go-to drinks! Read More »

Five Scenes the Movies Improved


There are many parts of the book that the movie left out, which affected the series, but what about the parts the films did better? These are the top five moments from the movies that I think were better than their book counterparts. Read More »

Five of Our Favorite Fandom Pairings: Ginny Weasley Edition


Here are five of our favorite Ginny pairings. Is your OTP on this list? Read More »

Second Wave of “Harry Potter” POP! Vinyl Figures Revealed!

Pop Vinyl Series 2_Featured

The "Harry Potter" Wave 2 figures from Funko POP! are coming! Read more about which characters are set to be featured here! Read More »

There Are Some Things You Can’t Share Without Liking Each Other…


On this day in 1991, arguably one of the best fictional friendships was formed: that between Harry, Ron, and Hermione. A run-in with a troll on Halloween was the moment when the trio became united. In honor of three of the best friends we know, here is a list of some of the things you can’t possibly face without becoming friends. Read More »

13 Days of All Hallows’ Eve: “Don’t Go in the Girls’ Bathroom”

girls bathroom hallows eve

One night 75 years ago, a girl was murdered in a girls' bathroom. Ever since that day, the girls' bathrooms have been cursed. Do you dare enter a girls' bathroom alone? Read More »

Rocky Horror Comes to Hogwarts


It wouldn't be Halloween without a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" Shadow Cast. Who would your favorite "Harry Potter" characters play? Read More »

I Tried All the Dating Advice in “Harry Potter,” and Here’s What Happened

ron hermione kiss

I'm bad at dating and enjoy living dangerously. So I'm marking the week of my two-year anniversary with my boyfriend by taking all the dating advice given in the "Harry Potter" books. Will we still be together by the end of the week? Read More »

Five Great Heroines Every “Harry Potter” Fan Should Check Out

Photo copy

The “Potter” books feature many diverse female characters. Each one of them is not a cardboard cutout but a well-developed human being. Here are five more female characters that fans of “Harry Potter” should also check out! Read More »

Five Muggle Books Hermione Loves That Prepared Her for Hogwarts


The Brightest Witch of Her Age is near and dear to many of our hearts. However, not much is known about Hermione's life prior to her arrival on the Hogwarts Express in 1991. Read More »

Hermione’s Nine Study Secrets


Studying is exhausting and tedious. Hogwarts alumna Hermione Granger reveals her top study secrets. Read More »

13 Thoughts While Re-Watching “Deathly Hallows – Part 1”

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

Join us on our re-watch of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1". Don't forget your sleeping bag! Read More »

Seven Magical Facts We Learned From Pottermore’s Update

New Pottermore Logo

Ever since Pottermore came out in 2009, J.K. Rowling has been adding exclusive information bit by bit, but up until now, fans have had to work for their information. With the new design, the game changed for the everyday information seeker. I took a stroll through the Pottermore pages to find the juiciest information you may have missed before.... Read More »

What Our Favorite “Potter” Characters Could Have Become


The "Potter" stories are filled with doppelgängers—characters who seem very similar but are opposites. They could have had the same future, but their choices led them down separate paths. Here are a sample of the many doppelgängers in Rowling's magical story.... Read More »

Ten Ron x Hermione Moments That Didn’t Quite Make It to the Movies

ron hermione kiss

Check out our top ten Ron x Hermione moments! Read More »

Six Things Hermione Granger Taught Me


Thank you, Hermione Granger—not for being the brightest witch of your age, but for teaching me valuable life lessons that I continue to remember to this day. Thank you for giving me a friend during the "Harry Potter" series. Thank you for being you. Read More »